My Baby PC – Game Jam Build Download


My Baby PC, a strange game made for the Weirder Things Jam, has you exploring an old computer and unearthing some files that really should be left well alone!

Warning: Spoilers ahead, we highly recommend playing the game before reading on.

After booting up your charming little retro desktop, everything seems bright and happy. It has a couple of games on it – a … Read More

Home Sweet Home – Beta Demo


Home Sweet Home is a terrifying Unreal Engine 4 powered first person horror adventure that draws inspiration from Thai mythology as you solve puzzles and use stealth to escape a house that’s haunted by a malevolent evil spirit.

In Home Sweet Home you take on the role of Tim, whose wife mysteriously went missing a long time ago. One night, still mourning the loss of … Read More

Paramedium EX – Game Jam Build Download


Paramedium EX, a short but spooky blend of visual novel-style narrative and reflex testing action made for the Halloween Jam 2016, has you playing a modern day cleric who’s called in to remove a troublesome ghost from a residence.

You are a paramedium – someone who removes and arrests ghosts that are unlawfully haunting houses. These ghosts can’t really move on yet, but that … Read More

Jazon and the Dead – Pre-Alpha Download


Jazon and the Dead is a very impressive top down action adventure that blends stylish visuals, witty dialogue, inventive puzzles and blood soaked zombie blasting fun.

We first covered Jazon and the Dead last month during the Alpha Sign Up phase, but now the fun is open to all, with the Pre-Alpha build just released to coincide with the Fig crowdfunding campaign. The Pre-Alpha build … Read More

Stifled – Beta Demo (Steam)


Stifled is a very tense first person horror adventure set in a pitch black game world where you ‘see’ with sound and thanks to the clever use of microphones, the monsters can literally hear your fear.

Stifled is a spiritual successor to Lurking, a tense horror adventure created by DigiPen Institute of Technology students in which you used sound waves to ‘see’ your way … Read More