Discover the Ocean – Game Jam Build Download

Discover the Ocean is a short and unsettling analog horror game where you watch a short VHS documentary that explores the mysteries of the depths.

Created by Warkus (creator of Oceanwork and Shadow Over Normoth), Discover the Ocean is a very short, but effective analog horror game set within a VHS documentary created by the “Ocean Exploration Program”. The organisation is focused on discovering … Read More

Catoon – Game Jam Build Download

Catoon is a fun little first person cat simulator where a newly adopted kitten attempts to catch mice and spread their scent throughout their new home.

Created for 7dps 2021, Catoon is a short and silly little first person cat sim about a newly adopted kitten who’s been left alone in their new house. A cat’s prerogative is to claim things with their scent and … Read More

Naginata – Game Jam Build

Naginata is a fun NES styled action platformer metroidvania where a young warrior sets out to purge the land of an evil Samurai clan.

Created for the Metroidvania Month 14 game jam, Naginata is a retro 8-bit styled metroidvania adventure set in a mythological Feudal Japan. In the game you are a brave young warrior who is handed his aging father’s naginata (a long pole … Read More