Sun’s Out, Guns Out – Student Project Game

Sun’s Out, Guns Out is a fun third person beat ‘em up that blends bodybuilding and Ikaruga-esque color based shoot ‘em up gameplay.

In Sun’s Out, Guns Out you take control of one of two muscle-bound hunks as they strut their stuff on the sun-soaked Venice Beach. However, not everyone is out to have a good time – aliens have invaded the beach and … Read More

Deadline of the Dead – Game Jam Build

Work doesn’t rest – not even during the apocalypse. In Deadline of the Dead, you must finish of your final 20 work related tasks before the deadline, all while filling up on coffee, using the toilet and fighting off hordes of your old zombie coworkers.

Despite the world ending, you still have an important deadline coming up and a lot of tasks to complete. … Read More

You’re Doomed – Pre-Alpha Download

You’re Doomed is a fast paced SMASH TV style top-down multiplayer twin-stick arcade shooter that allows up to four players to blast their way through monster-filled levels as they accumulate massive multipliers and millions of points.

In You’re Doomed you control one of four characters as they blast their way through a series of kill rooms populated by deadly monsters. The current Pre-Alpha build features … Read More

VarchIan – Student Project Game

VarchIan is a light hearted Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where you help a janitorial robot rescue the last surviving human brain from a decaying space station.

In VarchIan you take control of a little janitorial robot who is attempting to transport the last surviving human brain to an escape pod in a derelict space station. Being a janitorial robot means that your skill set is limited … Read More