Mower Mayhem – Student Game Download

Mower Mayhem is an arcade lawnmower racing game that draws inspiration from SEGA arcade classics as you mow lawns and cause carnage with your high speed sit-on mower!

Drawing inspiration from Crazy Taxi and Daytona USA, in Mower Mayhem you race around a suburban neighborhood mowing lawns and smashing up everything you see to earn points. The game has a choice of two different … Read More

Stratform – Alpha Download

Stratform is a cleverly designed turn-based puzzle platformer that you control with just two buttons.

In Stratform you control a little pixelated man who can only step forwards or jump. Your character will automatically turn around if they hit a wall and you can drop straight down or move diagonally down through the air depending on where you press the jump or step button. Your … Read More

Antiamor – Game Jam Build Download

Antiamor is a fun and very fast paced little pixel art platformer where you set out to find all the shards of a shattered heart.

Created for the Major Jam 2, in Antiamor you control an agile little hero who is on a quest to repair the heart of a once prosperous and happy universe that was shattered by a bozo. The shards of the … Read More

Project Nostalgia – Alpha Demo

Project Nostalgia is a PS1 styled horror game that draws inspiration from 90s classics as a man finds himself trapped in a nightmares world that seems to be made from his memories.

Drawing inspiration from survival horror classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, as well as action games like Shadow Man and Metal Gear Solid, Project Nostalgia is a retro styled horror … Read More