Project Bind – Prototype Download

Project Bind is a challenging little retro side-scrolling arcade shooter where you build your ship as you play by attaching new modules you find floating in space.

In Project Bind you take control of an experimental ship that has no weapons of its own, but can attach various modules it finds in space. The modules can contain a variety of different weapons and attaching them … Read More

Iron Meat – Alpha Demo

Iron Meat is a stylish and challenging Contra inspired old school run n’ gun action platformer where your lone soldier blasts his way through an army made of flesh, bone and steel.

We featured an earlier build of Iron Meat on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January and found it to be a fun and an extremely challenging slice of old-school run n’ gun arcade … Read More

Otherworld – Prototype Download

Otherworld is a tense little first person horror game where you use your power to see into the “Otherworld” to help you escape from the hospital where you were experimented on.

You start Otherworld alone on a hospital bed in a facility where they appear to have been experimenting on you and your ability to see into the “Otherworld”. You can enter the Otherworld by … Read More