Demolition Debby – Game Jam Build

Demolition Debby is a carnage-filled little driving game where you attempt to destroy your ex-husband’s entire estate with a bulldozer while being chased by the police!

In Demolition Debby you take on the role of Debbie, a recent divorcee who is looking to get some payback on her husband. Her chosen method of revenge is a bulldozer which she plans to drive through her ex-husband’s … Read More

Tokyo Warfare Turbo – Alpha Download

Tokyo Warfare Turbo is a carnage-filled arcade tank warfare game that allow you to do battle with a variety of different tanks in urban Japanese environments.

A sequel to the popular original Tokyo Warfare game, Tokyo Warfare Turbo allows you to roll out in a wide variety of heavily armored tanks and cause chaos in Japanese urban settings. It’s currently single player only with you … Read More

One More Second – Game Jam Build

One More Second is a hilarious little competitive local multiplayer QWOP-like where you flail your limbs to try and knock your partner out of the bed so that they have to deal with your crying baby!

In One More Second you face a question that all new parents face – who is going to get out of bed and tend to your crying infant in … Read More

DeathBulge: Battle of the Bands – Kickstarter Demo

DeathBulge: Battle of the Bands is a lighthearted musical RPG adventure where you explore a magical forest full of super-buff enemies and recruit band members to help you win a cursed battle of the bands.

Drawing inspiration from Final Fantasy, Earthbound and Toejam & Earl, DeathBulge: Battle of the Bands offers a fun twist on the traditional turn based RPG adventure as you use … Read More