Lurking – Student Project


Lurking is a freaky survival horror where sound is the only way you see and enemies can hear your fear.

A little like our previously featured game – Devils Tuning Fork – the whole game is played in darkness, with your surroundings being depicted through echolocation as you create sound waves that roll over the play area.  This makes for a pretty intense experience, especially … Read More

Secrets of Grindea – Beta Demo

secrets of grindea
Secrets of Grindea is a wonderful SNES-era inspired top-down action RPG with co-op support for up to 4 players, full of retro charm, beautiful pixel art, tongue-in-cheek humor.

Secrets of Grindea features two main gameplay modes, ‘Arcade’ and ‘Story’.  ‘Arcade’ is a fun Roguelike-style mode where you build up your base by battling across randomly generated levels full of enemies and loot.  Meanwhile, the ‘Story’ … Read More

BLASTR – Alpha Demo


BLASTR is a charming, futuristic and funny 3rd person acton adventure set in a world built of robots, by robots, for robots.

The Alpha Demo features a fun 10 minute section of the single-player story mode and a chaotic 4 multiplayer battle arena mode.  In the story mode you’re introduced a vibrant world full of beautiful neon environments and colourful characters.  It’s a world where … Read More

The Talos Principle – Public Test (Steam)

The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle is an impressive first person puzzler with philosophical leanings that features beautiful visuals, a nice sense of humour and inventive puzzle design that rewards lateral thinking.

The Public Test is open for a limited time only and features the first four puzzles of The Talos Principle.  You’re given free roam to explore a large island containing the first 3 puzzles and … Read More