Dev guy is a funny, and interesting game that puts you in the role of an Indie dev called Warren, who’s trying to get his game on the app store before his game licence expires.  Unfortunatley someone steals his car, which he’d left his game code in.  To get the car back, you’ll have to solve puzzles, hack computers and play some very tongue-in-cheek minigames.… Read More


Default Dan essentially is a Mario game, but with one big game-changing difference, everything that looks bad is good, and everything that looks good is actually bad.  So, for instance, picking up coins will make you explode, while Spikes will act as a trampoline when jumped on.  It’s a fun, and well implemented mechanic, that always keeps you on your toes, and allows for plenty … Read More

Gladiators Of The Arena, Pre-Alpha Download

Gladiators of the Arena is an rpg hack ‘n’ slash game where you play as a slave gladiator fighting for survival in Arenas across the territory of Roman Empire to win your freedom.

The game focuses on Slave mode and Citzien mode: In slave mode you fight to survive and get your freedom. After that Citzien mode becomes open and you become professional gladiator. It … Read More


GearCity puts you in charge of your own automobile company, allowing you to control every facet of your company, from design to dealerships.

You’ll be able to design chassis, engines, transmissions, and bodies.  Then build factories and set production lines, set up branches to distribute vehicles to dealerships.  You’ll also handle marketing and racing budgets and hire lobbyists to get juicy government contracts.  While making … Read More