The Puzzle Guardian – Student Project Download

the puzzle guardian

Developed by four students from Vancouver Film School, The Puzzle Guardian is a short, but impressive puzzle adventure, with a fantastic jigsaw puzzle visual style.

The gameplay and puzzle mechanics are fairly simple – you explore the jigsaw piece themed world, solving puzzles with the aid of large puzzle pieces and a jigsaw gun.  Once unlocked, this jigsaw gun can fire different puzzle pieces (fire … Read More

Super Cell Dungeon – GameJam Build

Super Cell Dungeon

NES Jam entry Super Cell Dungeon does more than get your blood boiling. It’s chaotic, platform-hopping, skeleton-shooting from start to finish.

The goal is simple: kill enough enemies to get the key to open the door to the next level. Play as the archer or the mage, each with a different ability of course. The archer can double jump while the mage can float in … Read More

Space Beast Terror Fright – Alpha Download

space beast terror fright

Space Beast Terror Fright (or ‘Aliens: The Awesome FPS Roguelike’ as it should really be known), is a super hard Aliens-inspired perma-death roguelike FPS full of tense gameplay and intense action.

You play a lone space marine on an alien infested spacecraft, who must brave the procedurally generated corridors in order to download a set amount of data cores and disable the reactor coolants … Read More

Eternal Step – Alpha Demo

eternal step

Eternal Step is a tough top-down roguelike inspired by Dark Souls and the raid mechanics of WoW, with a clever card based loot system and a wonderful 2D hand drawn art style.

Much like Dark Souls, you won’t last long on your first run – you’ll have to put in a bit of ground work, learn attack patterns and unlock a few upgrades … Read More

Obey – Alpha Key Giveaway


Stepping over the charred corpse of one of my bunny comrades, I edge closer to my goal – the massive monkey-headed death machine in the centre of the map.

I’ve been a good bunny so far and obeyed all it’s requests – wearing my collar, picking up and dropping off supplies, and even ratting out a few of the other bunnies who were disobeying the … Read More