An excellent game, where you manage border security.  This game has a lot of depth and great visual style.  There are a lot of really tough decisions to be made in this game.  The game had been through Greenlight, and is now available on Steam.  But if you would like to play the original Beta it is available HERE

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QuestEvent (QE) is a Adventure game made with RPG maker VX Ace and singleplayer only on this moment.  The idea behind it is a combination of th style of Pokémon and the content of RuneScape.  It’s currently on Greenlight.

Update: This Beta is no longer available

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Do you want to be a tree?  Wander is a non-combat, non-competitive, collaborative multiplayer game for Mac, Linux and Windows. Wander focuses on exploration and beauty.  As you wander through wander you will have the opportunity to transform into a variety of different creatures.  It’s currently on Steam Greenlight, and features oculus rift support.


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