Scene Investigators – Alpha Demo

Scene Investigators is a true crime styled deductive reasoning game where you investigate recreated crime scenes and attempt to deduce what happened there.

Have you ever watched a detective walk into a crime scene and work out exactly what happened there just with the clues lying around the area? Well now you can channel your inner Sherlock and do a little crime scene investigation of … Read More

You Will Die Here Tonight – Pre-Alpha Download

You Will Die Here Tonight is a tense time-looping survival horror adventure with timing sensitive turn-based combat in a creepy zombie-infested Resident Evil-esque mansion.

In You Will Die Here Tonight it’s no spoiler to say that you are going to die tonight. However, the actions of your characters may aid (or hinder) those who remain. In the game you take control of members from … Read More

Elypse – Alpha Download

Elypse is a very tough precision platforming metroidvania where you dash and slash your way through a mysterious abyss that is worshipped and feared by your people.

The fast paced platforming metroidvania gameplay of Elypse takes place inside a mysterious abyss that your people fear and worship. It is home to a powerful and insatiable force that your people keep at bay by offering up … Read More