Polymerikum – Alpha Download

Polymerikum is a trippy first person Sci-Fi horror adventure that sees you exploring the twisted ruins of a city that vanished off the face of the Earth and has now suddenly reappeared 32 years later.

In Polymerikum you are a toxicologist who has been sent in to inspect the ruins of a city that disappeared in 1985 and reappeared in 2018. There seems to be … Read More

MineRalph – Beta Demo

MineRalph is an addictive and rage-inducingly tough mouse controlled physics based platformer that sees you using your momentum to make your way through its fiendishly designed levels.

In MineRalph you control Ralph, a big stone boulder creature that you move by clicking in the opposite of where you want to go (so if you want to jump up and to the right you click down … Read More