Earth Exodus – Alpha Download

Earth Exodus is a stylish little Sci-Fi first person platforming adventure where you climb a tower that was created to allow for the mass exodus of Earth before an incoming apocalyptic event.

Created for the Lunar New Year Jam, Earth Exodus sees you controlling an agile little robot as it explores and climbs a tower that was created to allow humanity to leave the Earth. … Read More

Snail’s Nightmare – Game Jam Build Download

Snail’s Nightmare is a challenging and fast paced arcade action game where you collect upgrades and collectibles while dodging laser beams in a snail’s neon nightmare.

Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, Snail’s Nightmare sees you taking on the role of a snail who normally lives in a 2D world, but who is currently having a 3D nightmare that’s hosted by an evil AI. This … Read More

Circle Empires Rivals – Open Beta

Circle Empires Rivals is a very addictive multiplayer sequel to Circle Empires, a fast paced RTS that takes place in worlds made up of interconnected circular territories which you fight for control of against your enemies.

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last October during the closed Alpha sign up, Circle Empires Rivals brings online multiplyer and a whole bunch of new improvements to … Read More