Theatre One For The Dreamer – Game Jam Build

Theatre One For The Dreamer is a short and stylish PSX-era styled experience that sees you exploring three movie themed dream worlds.

Drawing inspiration from the 1998 PSX game LSD: Dream Emulator, Theatre One For The Dreamer sees you exploring three dreams within a game that you’ve loaded into your ‘JStation’ game console. The dreams are based on cult classic films (Evil Dead, Blade … Read More

Liblade – Alpha Demo

Liblade is an action packed 2.5D twin-stick action platforming adventure that sees you using your badass blade skills to slice your way through an army of robots.

In Libalde you control a nimble little character who you move with the left analogue stick and aim your attacks with the right analogue stick. You’re armed with a powerful energy sword (the titular Liblade) witch can do … Read More

Climb – Open Beta

Climb is a simple, but fun mountaineering platform arena fighter that sees mountain climbing hipsters doing battle in rotating 2.5D floating towers that are slowly descending into molten lava.

Playable with up to six players online, Climb sees you attempting to defeat all the other mountain climbing hipsters to claim the mountains for your own. Unlike most platform fighters, the levels in are 2.5D rotating … Read More

Stori – Student Project Game

Stori is a beautiful comic strip-styled single player dual character puzzle adventure that sees you manipulating the edges of comic book frames to solve puzzles and discover what happened to the ancient world you’re exploring.

In Stori you control a little forrest spirit and a large robot, which you can switch between controlling at the touch of a button. The forest spirit has the ability … Read More

Corona Black – Alpha Demo

Corona Black is a black and white Anime-styled adventure that sees you taking part in turn based mech battles as you attempt to win the prestigious Final Fortnight tournament.

The narrative of Corona Black sees you taking on the role of Dominique Shade, an ex-gangster who has left his family to go in search of some excitement and meaning to his life. He soon finds … Read More