Red Ronin – Beta Demo

Red Ronin is a fast paced tactical turn based dash ‘n slash puzzle game where you control a ronin as they slice their way through levels filled with sword-wielding baddies.

In Red Ronin you step into the shoes of Red, a bloodthirsty ronin who seeks vengeance after she lost a loved one to a nefarious organisation called The Wind. You must now dash and slice … Read More

Bzzzt – Beta Demo

Bzzzt is a beautifully animated old school 2D pixel art platformer where a cute little robot tests out their abilities in a series of deadly test chambers.

Drawing inspiration from classic 80’s platformers, Bzzzt is a charming and challenging retro styled platformer that promises some interesting narrative twists as you prove your abilities and help your creators as they in their fight against the “completely … Read More

Petarimubu ペタリムーブ – Game Jam Build

Petarimubu (ペタリムーブ) is a quirky little physics-based action game where you move your four legs independently to traverse a narrow tunnel system without letting your body touch a surface.

Created for the Unity 1 Week Game Jam, in Petarimubu your aim is simply to travel through a winding tunnel system without letting your body come into contact with a wall. You have four … Read More