#GIFingAround – Beta Sign Up (Desktop & Mobile)


It may come as no surprise that we love GIFs at Alpha Beta Gamer.  So what better than a game created entirely from them? #GIFingAround is a fun cross platform party game that allows you to use any GIF from the Internet to create the funniest response to a statement.

A little like Cards Against Humanity but with GIFs, each round starts with a player … Read More

Solar Crusaders – Alpha Sign-up

solar crusaders

Solar Crusaders is a strategic multiplayer 2D top-down 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) game, where you explore a sandbox universe, engage in real-time battles, and try to get a lot of money in its simulated virtual economy.

You control a customizable space ship and station, along side its crew, in an online world filled with other players to fight with or against each other, and … Read More

Pacapong – Game Jam Build Download


Pacapong is a glorious mix of Pacman, Pong and Space Invaders in which both players take turns firing a Pacman across the screen to rack up points and be crowned the victor.

To increase your score-bar in Pacapong you simply collect as many pills as possible within the time limit.  Once fired your Pacman can be controlled to a small degree, but will always … Read More

MyDream – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

MyDream game gif

MyDream is an impressive voxel based world and adventure building sandbox/toolbox that allows you to build highly detailed worlds, then fill them with RPG-style adventures, full of treasures, puzzles and intricate quests for others to play though.

Each procedurally generated world is can be made from a variety of world types and is populated by natural inhabitants.  Once you know the basics, World Building and … Read More

Blackfaun – Alpha Demo


Blackfaun is a fast paced Action-RPG with skill based combat, procedurally generated dungeons and snazzy visuals, where you play a faun who must go on a quest to prove her worth as heiress to the crown.

Still early in development, Blackfaun already shows a surprising amount of polish and features.  The combat immediately feels more involved than your standard ARPG – you’ll have to dodge … Read More