Snot – Alpha Download

snot game

Snot is a quirky and funny arcade action-adventure game where you play a reluctant little snail that seeks to learn the mysteries of the universe and his existence.

It’s a fun arcade-style romp with metroidvania leanings, charming character design, tricky level design, secrets and some interesting special abilities unlocked by combining various shells with elements.  The dev also plans to add multiplayer, a world editor, … Read More “Snot – Alpha Download”

Weldling – Pre-Alpha Download


Weldling is a fun non-profit 2.5D physics toy-box that allows users to easily weld objects together to build a multitude of structures and even create their own mini games.

Welding plans to be 100% free to play, with no DRM, micro-transactions or adverts, while still providing hordes of content and post release DLC at no cost.  The game is planned to come to PC/Mac/Linux & … Read More “Weldling – Pre-Alpha Download”

The Iconoclasts – Alpha Download

The Iconoclasts

The Iconoclasts is a beautifully crafted action adventure game with metroidvania-style level exploration, fast paced arcade action, RPG-Style towns and quests, puzzles, upgrades, crafting and huge boss battles.

You play as Robin, a mechanic, in a world where her hobbies are considered illegal.  Find out why as you traverse the world with the friends you meet, and through encounters with a nefarious duo called Black … Read More “The Iconoclasts – Alpha Download”

S.W.A.G – Prototype


S.W.A.G (Super Wreckless Awesome Gangsta) is a rhythmic first person shooter set in the 90’s where you roam dangerous streets and knock-out your enemy rappers with a finely timed sound blast from your golden boombox.

Gameplay is pretty basic at the moment, but it is still very early in development.  It’s a fun (and tough) game for what it is though, with different enemy types … Read More “S.W.A.G – Prototype”