Planeter – Prototype Download


Planeter is a beautiful pixel art game that allows you to build your own little universe, full of vibrant colors and populated by cute little alien creatures.

It really is very early in development, so there’s not a whole lot to the gameplay at the moment, you simply have to pick up fuel cells and bring them to the planet creating machines that are located … Read More

Albert and Otto – Alpha Demo

albert and otto

Albert and Otto is a beautiful cinematic platformer, packed with inventive physics based puzzles, that follows a boy and his magic red bunny who appears to be on a quest to save his love, but turns out to be something a whole lot darker.

Being a silhouetted puzzle platformer that sees you controlling a young boy in a treacherous world, comparisons to Limbo are easily … Read More

Catch! A Fishing RPG – Game Jam Build Download

Catch! A Fishing RPG

Catch! A Fishing RPG is a wonderful fishing RPG made for the MiniLD #56, that sees you battling all manner of sea creatures in Pokemon-style battles.

This beautiful game puts you in the family business of fishing. You are a disabled person, who is stuck in a wheelchair, due to some sea-related accident that killed off your family. Every day you must set out … Read More

Goetia – Alpha Demo


Goetia is a creepy point-and-click adventure game that sees you playing the spirit of a dead girl as she tries to unearth the mystery of what happened to her, her family and her home.

Puzzles can have multiple solutions, and are solved without the use of an inventory system (ghosts don’t have pockets!).  You may no longer have a body, but being a ghost does … Read More

Sneaky Elvis – Game Jam Build Download

sneaky elvis

Sneaky Elvis is a rather silly musical stealth game, that see’s you playing a hip-swinging Elvis as he tries to escape the jailhouse without being heard – this is a little bit tricky though as Elvis just cant help singing and he can only move as he swings his hips to the music.

The guards in the jailhouse are pretty blind, so you don’t have … Read More