XYDONIA – Alpha Download


XYDONIA is a great new side scrolling shoot ’em up inspired by 90’s Japanese arcade classics, in which you travel across beautiful pixel art backdrops, collect power-ups and blast your way through waves of enemies flying in formation.

Gameplay in XYDONIA is fondly reminiscent of classics like R-Type and Gradius.  Less of a bullet hell shooter and more of a traditional side scrolling shoot em … Read More

Overfall – Alpha Demo


Overfall is a beautiful looking roguelike RPG adventure in which you roam the seas, explore strange islands, take part in tactical turn-based battles, go on fun quests, recruit crewmembers and recover valuable artefacts.

Featuring X-Com-esque character permadeath and procedural world generation, gameplay in Overfall is split into three distinct sections – sailing across the world map, island exploration and tactical turn based battles.

On … Read More

Dude, Stop – Game Jam Build Download

Dude, Stop 1

Dude, Stop is a fun little game in which you play a REAL monster – the type of person who leaves the toilet seat up, removes peoples bookmarks and wears socks with sandals.

Taking the form of short single screen puzzles, in Dude, Stop you must try to be as monstrous as possible, by performing acts of pure evil.  You’re the guy who leaves the … Read More

Fear Syndicate Thesis – Game Jam Build Download

Fear Syndicate Thesis

Fear Syndicate Thesis is a bizarre little game created by the developers of Gods Will Be Watching, in which you perform brutal acts of mass murder for a mysterious syndicate.

The game is played in a small desert map that you can charge around on your bike.  It’s also populated with lots of NPC’s, all of which can be talked to, beaten to death, … Read More

SpaceJammers – Pre-Alpha Demo


SpaceJammers is super tough roguelike blend of top down shooter and bullet hell shoot-em-up, playable with up to four players, in which you play an alien rock band of space pirate kittens who loot spaceships to fund their music tour.

Gameplay in SpaceJammers is split into two distinctive sections – top down twin stick shooting and vertically scrolling bullet hell shoot-em-up action.  You immobilize ships … Read More