The Legend of Tobimaru – Kickstarter Demo

The Legend of Tobimaru is a challenging old school action platforming adventure that sees you learning ninjutsu skills and using them to fight your way past the most powerful warriors of three rival ninja clans.

Previously featured in Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago and now far more polished, The Legend of Tobimaru draws inspiration from classic titles such as Super Mario Bros, Mega ManRead More

When the Shutter Stops – Kickstarter Demo

When the Shutter Stops is a visual novel/point and click adventure hybrid that takes you through the story of Pri, a young kid and hard-nosed private investigator, who is trying to solve a very important murder.

Pri is a private detective – underage, not legally allowed to live on her own, and very talented. She normally does client work, digging up dirt on individuals and … Read More

Nighthawks – Kickstarter Demo

Nighthawks features a stylish fusion of hand drawn visual novel aesthetics and RPG gameplay where you are a vampire trying to get by in a modern world where the existence of vampires has been exposed.

You’ve been a vampire for three months now and life (or death) isn’t going particularly well for you – you’re broke, starving and holed up in a grimy motel room. … Read More

Aquamarine – Kickstarter Demo

Aquamarine is a beautiful hand drawn Sci-Fi exploration game that sees you attempting to survive, explore and escape an alien planet that’s entirely covered with water.

Drawing inspiration from 70’s era psychedelic Sci-Fi and the works of the comic book artist Moebius (a.k.a. Jean Giraud), Aquamarine follows the journey of a nameless space traveller who crash lands on an alien planet that’s covered with water. … Read More

Loading The Game – Alpha Build

Loading The Game is a very funny little fourth wall breaking puzzle game that takes place entirely within the loading screen of a game.

Playing a little like There Is No GameLoading The Game sees you attempting to solve puzzles and figure out ways to outsmart the narrator who’s trying to stop you. You’re about to play your new game, but it’s taking … Read More