Rebel Transmute – Kickstarter Demo

Rebel Transmute is a Metroid inspired 2D open world action adventure where you search for your mother on a planet filled with living robots and giant bugs.

In Rebel Transmute you are a space scrapper who has set out to a remote planet to discover the fate of her mother. An incident occured on the planet many years ago while her mother was stationed there … Read More

Dead Pets Unleashed – Kickstarter Demo

Dead Pets Unleashed is a bizarre and beautifully animated narrative-driven adventure where a layabout demon attempts to hit the big time with their band.

In Dead Pets Unleashed you step into the shoes of Gordy – a thirty-something demon who isn’t really having much success in romance, work or life in general. You work a dead end job at a local burger joint and you’re … Read More

Master Key – Kickstarter Demo

Master Key is a Zelda inspired action adventure with metroidvania elements, set in a 1-bit styled black and white world that’s packed full of secrets.

Drawing inspiration from the classic top-down Zelda games (Link’s Awakening especially), Master Key is black and white top-down action adventure that follows a little fox who discovers a magical key after falling down a deep dark hole. It features … Read More

Antonblast – Kickstarter Demo

Antonblast is a wonderfully chaotic 2D pixel art action platformer where a demolition worker goes on a wrecking rampage against the hordes of Satan.

Featuring a pixel art visual style inspired by the Game Boy Advance, Antonblast is a fast, fun and carnage-filled 2D action platformer. In the game you take control of a destruction worker called Dynamite Anton, as he sets out for vengeance … Read More

The War Will Win – Kickstarter Demo

The War Will Win is a narrative driven medieval fantasy deck-building turn-based tactics game where you command your army in strategic battles that will determine the fate of the kingdom.

In The War Will Win you’ll choose a faction and a commander and embark on a branching storyline that’s affected by your actions. In your story you’re the hero, but there are two sides to … Read More