Wings Of Bluestar – Kickstarter Demo

Wings Of Bluestar is a beautiful hand drawn R-Type-esque side scrolling shoot ‘em up with anime styled cutscenes, OTT weaponry and challenging arcade gameplay that rewards risk-taking.

In Wings Of Bluestar you take on the role of either Aya or Zarack – two young pilots who are helping the United Earth Defense fight back against an invading alien artificial intelligence. The full game will … Read More

No Longer Home: Friary Road – Kickstarter Demo

No Longer Home: Friary Road is a beautiful, contemplative and magical little interactive narrative experience that sees you joining the last two people at a barbecue as they sit outside and talk about life, the universe and everything.

No Longer Home: Friary Road is a prequel to No Longer Home (currently on Kickstarter) and sees you joining university students Ao and Bo as … Read More

Crying Suns – Kickstarter Demo

Crying Suns is an FTL inspired rogue-lite space adventure with pausable tactical real-time combat, a vast procedurally generated universe and a deep narrative that sees you unravelling the mystery of the disappearance of the human race.

In Crying Suns you take on the role of the greatest captain of the Galactic Empire, or rather a clone or the greatest captain of the Galactic Empire, who … Read More

Infliction – Kickstarter Demo

Infliction is a terrifying occult horror adventure with near-photorealistic Unreal Engine 4 powered visuals, which sees you exploring a once happy suburban household that’s been torn apart by grief.

In Infliction you explore an abandoned suburban household and try to piece together the story of what happened there. The narrative is centered around a real-world domestic tragedy and there are lots of objects that you … Read More

ROTA – Kickstarter Demo

ROTA is a tricky minimalist 2D puzzle platformer that sees you manipulating gravity to reach the exits of deviously designed levels.

In ROTA you can shift your direction of gravity by walking around the outside edge of an object and you can also shift the direction of gravity of moveable boxes by punching them and pressing a direction. Another important gameplay mechanic is that you … Read More