Pavor – Kickstarter Demo

Pavor is a first person horror adventure where you unravel the mystery of a Mexican island that’s filled with creepy old dolls, ancient shrines and dark secrets.

Set on a real-life creepy doll-filled island in Mexico called Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls), Pavor is a tense supernatural horror game where you attempt to unravel the secrets of the island. The full game … Read More

CLEO: A Pirate’s Tale – Alpha Demo

CLEO: A Pirate’s Tale is a lighthearted pirate adventure that draws inspiration from Monkey Island and Zelda as a cynical young girl who yearns for adventure ends up getting exactly that!

In CLEO: A Pirate’s Tale you follow the adventure of Cleo, a young girl who is fascinated with the legendary adventures of the pirate captain Cabeca, but is stuck in a boring fishing village … Read More

CONSCRIPT – Kickstarter Demo

CONSCRIPT is a tense and atmospheric Resident Evil inspired 2D survival horror adventure that takes place in the bloody trenches of Verdun, in France during the First World War.

Currently in development by Catchweight Studio (creator of the excellent Project Abel), in CONSCRIPT you follow the story of a French soldier during WWI. Supplies are low, morale is lower, conditions are terrible, bodies litter … Read More

Forgotten Fields – Kickstarter Demo

Forgotten Fields is a stylish narrative driven adventure that follows a struggling writer who returns to his childhood home one last time before it’s sold off.

In Forgotten Fields you follow the story of Sid, a young writer who has had a little success, but who is now struggling with a severe bout of writer’s block. What’s more, his mother is selling his childhood home … Read More

Aeterna: Noctis – Kickstarter Demo

Aeterna: Noctis is a beautifully animated non-linear action platforming adventure where you become the King of Darkness and attempt to defeat the Queen of Light to reclaim your throne.

Currently in development by Six Station Games, Aeterna: Noctis takes place in a world called Aeterna, which was created by Chaos – the Supreme God and the creator of the universe. After two factions turned against … Read More