Raji: The Ancient Epic – Demo Speedrun Competition

The devs of Raji: The Ancient Epic have teamed up with Alpha Beta Gamer for a giveaway that will see the fastest fifty players who complete their Alpha demo winning full copies of the game upon release!

As we mentioned last month during the coverage of the Alpha Demo, Raji: An Ancient Epic is a very impressive new fantasy action adventure game that draws inspiration … Read More

My Uncle Merlin – Kickstarter Demo

My Uncle Merlin is a very funny blend of space exploration, narrative adventure and RPG in which you play a young apprentice wizard who flies around space with a dragon powered rocket ship making morally questionable decisions.

In My Uncle Merlin you take on the role of Eddie, an apprentice wizard who is being (badly) mentored by his uncle – the 7th most powerful wizard … Read More

Jack and Casie – Prototype Download

Jack and Casie is a unique inventory-based puzzle action game about a special case and a skilled soldier, traveling around the world, picking up and using whatever useful items they find.

Jack and Casie don’t have much of a history. Casie is simply a warrior, who found Jack – a “walking talking superdimensional storage closet”. Jack wants to know more about his origins, so Casie … Read More

Session – Kickstarter Demo

Session is a promising new Unreal Engine 4 powered skateboarding game that draws inspiration from the Skate series and hopes to deliver an experience that focuses on the creativity and freedom of expression, rather than multipliers and timers.

Currently in development by creā-ture Studios, Session hopes to revive the skateboarding game genre and bring it kicking and screaming into the modern era. It draws inspiration … Read More

Raji: An Ancient Epic – Alpha Demo

Raji: An Ancient Epic is a beautiful isometric action adventure game that draws inspiration from Indian mythology, with you taking control of a young girl who is chosen by the gods to do battle against the dark forces that have invaded Earth.

In Raji: An Ancient Epic you take on the role of Raji, a young gypsy girl who is bestowed with the power of … Read More