Iratus: Lord of the Dead – Kickstarter Demo

Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a hardcore roguelike turn based RPG that sees you taking on the role of a necromancer who summons undead minions to slay humans and escape from his prison.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead’s nefarious dungeon crawling draws inspiration from the gameplay of Darkest Dungeon and the sardonic tone of Dungeon Keeper. In it you are an evil … Read More

The Good Life – Prototype Download

The Good Life is an intriguing new adventure from SWERY (Deadly Premonition) and Yukio Futatsugi (Panzer Dragoon) which sees you taking on the role of a New York photographer who moves to ‘the happiest town in the world’ and discovers there’s more than meets the eye in the quaint looking British town.

In The Good Life you take on the roll … Read More

Renaine – Kickstarter Demo

Renaine is a beautifully animated pixel art action platforming adventure with RPG elements, which sees you chatting to quirky NPC’s, completing side quests and running, jumping and hacking your way through levels that change every time you die.

In Renaine you take on the role of a knight who has the ability to roll, jump and sword slash. You can unlock upgrades and perks via … Read More

Raygun Gadabout – Alpha Demo

Raygun Gadabout is a fun cartoony action platforming metroidvania that plays like a blend of Super Metroid and Earthworm Jim, as you blast space pirates on a lighthearted planet hopping adventure.

In Raygun Gadabout you’ll be able to travel across the cosmos, explore planets, unlock new abilities and battle space pirates. It’s a beautifully animated adventure with a art style and humor that draws … Read More

Galaxy Brawl – Kickstarter Demo

Galaxy Brawl puts you in charge of a space pirate dreadnought in strategic space battles that see you managing resources on-the-fly as you destroy swarms of enemy ships.

Galaxy Brawl looks like a top down sci-fi shooter but in reality it’s more of an RTS with a mobile base of operations. Your ship is quite slow moving but heavily armed and can dispatch most of … Read More