Morse COD – Game Jam Build Download

Morse COD is a tricky little WWII turret defense game that sees you issuing orders to three turrets using morse code to fend off the aquatic menace that is invading your shores.

In Morse COD you have to tap out morse code signals to three different turrets on the battlefield to get them to attack the hordes of enemy sealife that are attacking. Each animal … Read More

The Lost Cave of the Ozarks – Kickstarter Demo

The Lost Cave of the Ozarks is a beautiful hand painted puzzle platforming adventure that sees you unearthing the dark secrets of a long forgotten cave.

The full game of The Lost Cave of the Ozarks will feature three interweaving narratives taking place between the 1880’s and the present day, with you controlling a different character in each. It promises a mixture of puzzle solving, … Read More

In Other Waters – Kickstarter Demo

In Other Waters offers a clever fusion of exploration, problem solving and sci-fi narrative adventure as you take on the role of a diving suit AI that assists a biologist as she explores under the sea in a strange alien planet.

After her partner goes missing while exploring the ocean floor on an uncharted alien planet, Ellery Vas sets out in search for her. She’s … Read More

The Flood – Beta Download

The Flood is a short and stylish meditative narrative experience in which you pilot a little boat down a river, taking your time and enjoying the beautiful low poly scenery as you go.

The Flood is a game that’s all about savouring the journey and not worrying about the destination – in fact the destination really isn’t important at all. In the game you pilot … Read More