Stuffed – Student Project Game

Stuffed is an adorable little 3D platforming adventure in which you help a cute little stuffed teddy bear rescue his friends from an evil wizard puppet.

In Stuffed you take control of a teddy bear who must make his way through a dangerous toy world and defeat a puppet wizard who has kidnapped his two best friends – a stuffed lion and a stuffed eagle. … Read More

Alluvium – Game Jam Build

Alluvium is an intense, madness-fuelled pulp thriller point and click adventure that sees you fighting for your life after being shipwrecked on an island.

In Alluvium you find yourself alone on a desert island with only your wits and the remains of your wrecked airplane to keep you alive. You’ve got a source of fresh water, but food is in short supply and the local … Read More

Zero-G Nuclear Space Tetris – Game Jam Build

Zero-G Nuclear Space Tetris is a challenging 3D Tetris puzzler in which you rotate your base around 360 degrees and occasionally get large chunks of it blown up by nuclear missiles.

The goal of Zero-G Nuclear Space Tetris is similar to the classic game of Tetris – try to form solid 8 block long lines so that they disappear and try not to let the … Read More