The Indie Game Legend 3D – Alpha Demo

The Indie Game Legend 3D is a fantastic retro styled dungeon crawling first person shooter with metroidvania elements, that sees you blasting monsters, solving puzzles and rescuing a variety of indie game developers to stop pixel art platformers from dying out.

In The Indie Game Legend 3D you take on the role of an elite soldier who has been sent on a mission to save … Read More

Ashes – Alpha Demo

Ashes is a very stylish 3D action adventure that sees you growing bridges from plants and beating up creepy ash monsters that are corrupting the world.

In Ashes you take on the role of a musclebound herborist who has the ability to control plants. In the current demo this basically means that you can channel the power from crystals to grow plant bridges which allow … Read More

No Longer Home: Friary Road – Kickstarter Demo

No Longer Home: Friary Road is a beautiful, contemplative and magical little interactive narrative experience that sees you joining the last two people at a barbecue as they sit outside and talk about life, the universe and everything.

No Longer Home: Friary Road is a prequel to No Longer Home (currently on Kickstarter) and sees you joining university students Ao and Bo as … Read More

Sphysics – Game Jam Build

Sphysics is a super tough physics based platformer that sees you rotating the levels to guide a ball through 15 hazard filled levels (and 2 near-impossible bonus ones).

Sphysics plays a little like the bonus levels of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, with you controlling the movement of the ball by rotating the game world rather than having direct control of the ball itself. … Read More

Gladihoppers – Alpha Download

Gladihoppers is a very silly little 2D pixel art fighting game that sees roman gladiators fighting to the death in fast paced, physics based hopping combat.

Playable in singleplayer of local multiplayer, Gladihoppers sees two constantly hopping gladiators attempting to hack each other to death for the entertainment of the crowds. You can customize your own gladiator, and kit them out with different clothes, shields … Read More