Brownie Cove Cancelled – Game Jam Build

Brownie Cove Cancelled, a bizarre little oddity created for Ludum Dare 43, sees you milling about a strange airport while you wait for your flight to Brownie Cove, which gets massively delayed.

You are at a somewhat busy airport. There isn’t much to do while waiting for your fight, apart from exploring around and seeing what other people have to say. Everyone around you … Read More

Retrace – Game Jam Build

Retrace is a hand drawn little point and click puzzler where you attempt to change your fate of killing your wife by going back in time and reversing your actions.

Created by Tina Zong, Peter Huang, Sunny Pu, Wendy Wang and Sam Xu, Retrace starts with a scene of you kneeling over your wife’s dead body after you’ve just shot her. You are remorseful and … Read More

Hazelnut Bastille – Kickstarter Demo

Hazelnut Bastille is a Zelda inspired top-down action RPG adventure with puzzles, real-time combat and lots of secrets to discover as you explore its beautiful 16bit styled open world.

We actually covered an early build of Hazelnut Bastille last year and found it to be a very impressive Link to the Past-esque action RPG adventure. The latest build features an updated version of the … Read More

Misshapen – Prototype Download

Misshapen is a very weird little PS1 styled first person horror shooter where instead of killing your enemies, you cover them in large bulbous growths until they can no longer move.

The current build of Misshapen was created for the 7DFPS jam and features one darkness enshrouded level where your goal is to find and collect five cubes. However, as you explore the level in … Read More