Super Furniture Man – Game Jam Build

Super Furniture Man is a short narrative driven physics based platforming adventure about a man who is trying to save his beloved possessions from in incoming flood.

Super Furniture Man is a short platforming adventure about a man who is so attached to his furniture that he actually called himself “Super Furniture Man”. In this game he’s not just emotionally attached to the furniture, but … Read More

Paw Paw Paw – Alpha Demo

Paw Paw Paw is a quirky Castle Crashers-esque 2D hack n’ slash beat ‘em up where you and up to three other players fight for your right to not wear pants!

Paw Paw Paw takes place in a once peaceful and prosperous kingdom inhabited by a civilization of animals. Everyone knows that no animal should ever wear pants, but after a strange meteor struck … Read More

Unmasking the Brain Burglar – Game Jam Build

Unmasking the Brain Burglar is a lighthearted little puzzle adventure where you poke the face of your brain-stealing suspect to see through his numerous clever(ish) disguises.

Taking around five minutes to play through, Unmasking the Brain Burglar puts you in the role of Inspector Fetchum – a dog detective who has been tasked with tracking down the nefarious a murderous mastermind called the Brain Burglar. … Read More

Gravity Ace – Alpha Download

Gravity Ace is a tricky 360° space shooter that draws inspiration from Thrust and Gravitar as you pilot your little spaceship on dangerous missions with very limited fuel.

The current build of Gravity Ace features three main levels and it also has a level editor that allows you to make your own. You control a little fighter ship that has to descend into caverns, retrieve … Read More

A History of Aviation – Game Jam Build

A History of Aviation features a surreal blend of pinball and aviation as you attempt to hit targets on a pinball table to make various historical flying machines fly through the air.

Taking around 5/10 minutes to play thorough, A History of Aviation is an experimental little game where you launch various flying machines from throughout history by completing certain objectives on a pinball table. … Read More