Tanuki Sunset – Alpha Demo

Tanuki Sunset is a gloriously strange and incredibly cool synthwave downhill skating game where you control a raccoon on a longboard as he navigates twisty synthwave-themed roads.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was a prototype build, Tanuki Sunset is a downhill longboarding game that’s guarunteed to make you smile. In the game you take control of a raccoon called Tanuki who … Read More

ASHIMEYAMA 足目山 – Game Jam Build Download

ASHIMEYAMA 足目山 is a beautiful and surreal experience that feels like you’ve stepped inside a PS1 styled Massive Attack music video as you wander around and reawaken a slumbering world.

Created by Moya Horror (creator of the excellent Sauna 2000), ASHIMEYAMA 足目山 is more of an interactive music video than a game, and sees you wandering among the ruins of a slumbering world accompanied … Read More

Rottenwood Lake – Game Jam Build Download

Rottenwood Lake is a very creepy PS1 styled fishing horror game where you get more than you bargain for as you go for a fishing trip in a cursed lake.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend game jam, Rottenwood Lake sees you taking a little boat out for a fishing trip on a cursed lake. Initially it’s quite a pleasant and peaceful place to … Read More

Self-Checkout Unlimited – Kickstarter Demo

Self-Checkout Unlimited is a creepy, surreal, dreamlike and oddly nostalgic first person adventure where you find yourself trapped in a strange shopping mall after closing time.

In Self-Checkout Unlimited you awaken on a bench inside a closed shopping mall – The Wilson Center Mall, “a single stop for everything you’ll ever need”. Obviously being trapped in a dark and empty mall is pretty creepy, especially … Read More

A Hand With Many Fingers – Alpha Demo

A Hand With Many Fingers is a cleverly crafted first person investigation game where you unravel a Cold War conspiracy using an old fashioned 80s evidence records system to help build a corkboard and twine crazy wall.

In A Hand With Many Fingers you are tasked with investigating the supposed suicide of a Banker in 1980’s Sydney. As the game is set in the early … Read More