Self-Checkout Unlimited – Kickstarter Demo

Self-Checkout Unlimited is a creepy, surreal, dreamlike and oddly nostalgic first person adventure where you find yourself trapped in a strange shopping mall after closing time.

In Self-Checkout Unlimited you awaken on a bench inside a closed shopping mall – The Wilson Center Mall, “a single stop for everything you’ll ever need”. Obviously being trapped in a dark and empty mall is pretty creepy, especially … Read More

A Hand With Many Fingers – Alpha Demo

A Hand With Many Fingers is a cleverly crafted first person investigation game where you unravel a Cold War conspiracy using an old fashioned 80s evidence records system to help build a corkboard and twine crazy wall.

In A Hand With Many Fingers you are tasked with investigating the supposed suicide of a Banker in 1980’s Sydney. As the game is set in the early … Read More

Aquamarine – Pre-Alpha Demo

Aquamarine is a beautiful 70s-era psychedelic comic book styled Sci-Fi roguelike survival adventure where you explore an underwater ecosystem, scavenge resources and attempt to find your way back to your crashed ship.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, Aquamarine is a turn-based roguelite survival adventure where you use an escape pod to explore an underwater world that you’ve crash landed on. … Read More

Mindful – Alpha Download

Mindful is a beautiful 2D puzzle platforming adventure where the whole world is frozen in time, but your character is surrounded by a bubble that allows objects that enter it to react and move as normal.

In Mindful you take control of a young girl called Maya Mindful as she enters a strange lifeless world that’s devoid of any mystery and imagination. This lack of … Read More

Tumbleweed Typo Hunter – Game Jam Build Download

Tumbleweed Typo Hunter puts you in the spurred boots of a Wild West bounty hunter, searching for typos in 3D town scenes where everyone is words instead of people – even you!

Your name is Hero, and in each level is filled with a bunch of other words, some of which are misspelled. Misspelled words do not belong in this world, so you must shoot … Read More