The Flood – Beta Download

The Flood is a short and stylish meditative narrative experience in which you pilot a little boat down a river, taking your time and enjoying the beautiful low poly scenery as you go.

The Flood is a game that’s all about savouring the journey and not worrying about the destination – in fact the destination really isn’t important at all. In the game you pilot … Read More

Rage Chicken – Game Jam Build Download

Rage Chicken is a rage inducing physics based platformer that draws inspiration from Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy as you try to navigate a near-impossible course with a little chicken.

Seemingly created with the sole purpose of infuriating players until they smash their screens and curl up in a ball crying for their mommy, Rage Chicken is a very tough game, but not quiteRead More

Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa – Alpha Demo

Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa is a VHS video nasty styled third person horror adventure with PS1 era visuals that sees you exploring a strange alien planet that’s inhabited by a psycho Santa!

Created by the developers behind Power Drill Massacre, Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa is a fun fusion of 80’s video nasty horror and PS1 era visuals design. In the game you play one … Read More

Super Science Friends: The Video Game – Prototype Download

Super Science Friends: The Video Game is a funny and beautifully animated side scrolling beat ‘em up in which Einstein, Darwin, Marie Curie, Tesla, Sigmund Freud and Taputti take on Hitler’s time travelling army of super villains!

Based on the popular YouTube animated series of the same name, Super Science Friends: The Video Game sees your band of super powered scientists taking on Hitler and … Read More

Loot Box Simulator – Game Jam Build Download

Loot Box Simulator is the true future of gaming – an evolution of EA’s ‘innovative’ game design that removes all the unnecessary garbage like gameplay and narrative, instead focusing on what’s really important – grinding, spending cash and opening loot boxes to level up your stats!

Loot Box Simulator plays like a 3D physics based incremental clicker. You start with one loot box which you … Read More