Iketsuki – Game Jam Build Download

Iketsuki is a surreal and atmospheric PS1 styled adventure that blends fish farming and first person platforming as you witness the final breaths of a dying world.

Created by Modus Interactive (creator of Groaning Steel and the Siren Head game), Iketsuki is a surreal first person platforming adventure set in a world that’s slowly slipping into oblivion. You explore the doomed world and search for … Read More

Palely – Game Jam Build Download

Palely is a beautiful and tranquil first person puzzler where you create objects out of words and create letters out of objects.

You start Palely in a white space with a handful of letters, a gear and an orange. You can then pick up the letters in such a way that they spell either “gear” or “orange”, which then spawns one of the corresponding items. … Read More

Oracle Pine – Game Jam Build Download

Oracle Pine is a spooky and stylish little low rez first person puzzle game where you attempt to figure out the exact way to carry out a mysterious occult ritual based on the instructions you receive from a tree.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, you start Oracle Pine in a clearing in a forest, standing in front of a mysterious “Oracle Pine” – a tree … Read More

Arena – Beta Download

Arena is a visually striking hand painted magic-based first person shooter where you fight for your freedom against waves of monsters in a gladiatorial arena.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Alpha, Arena is a lighthearted single-player arena shooter where you fight for your freedom after being locked up for using magic. Your magical abilities will certainly come in handy … Read More

Zestre – Beta Download

Zestre is a spooky little puzzle game that draws inspiration from Balkan folklore as you attempt to fill a dowry trunk with three special hand crafted items before you can marry.

In Zestre you find yourself trapped in an old family home, filled with memories, puzzles and religious imagery. To escape the house you must carry out the long lasting Balkan tradition of Zestre, which … Read More