When The Past Was Around – Beta Demo

When The Past Was Around is a beautiful and surreal hand drawn point and click puzzle adventure about a girl who is searching for something missing from her world.

The narrative of When The Past Was Around is told via a series of disjointed room that represent memories from a young girl’s past. She’s accompanied by a shadowy beast which gathers more characteristics as the … Read More

NUWIEL – Game Jam Build

NUWIEL is a fast paced little spelunking metroidvania shoot ‘em up where you navigate a labyrinthine cave system and collect parts for your ship after crash-landing on an alien planet.

Your ship is critically damaged during an asteroid mining job and you crash land on an alien planet. After being fixed up by a mysterious stranger you then set out into the underground cave system … Read More

Self Shot – Alpha Download

Self Shot is a very stylish and fast paced low poly first person shooter with platforming elements, where you venture into the depths of your consciousness and blast your negative emotions and fears.

Currently in development by Vadd Games, Self Shot is is a stylish first person shooter that follows a 17 year old girl called Ren, with the ability to dive into the depths … Read More

Death Alley – Game Jam Build

The grim reaper has gone down a strange path, doing some pretty weird things in exchange for souls. Maybe it’s medicine keeping people alive too long, maybe he’s bored, but in Death Alley the grim reaper will allow you to risk your life just to get a chance at a wish being fulfilled.

Most of the wishes he seems used to getting are for dead … Read More