Self Shot – Alpha Download

Self Shot is a very stylish and fast paced low poly first person shooter with platforming elements, where you venture into the depths of your consciousness and blast your negative emotions and fears.

Currently in development by Vadd Games, Self Shot is is a stylish first person shooter that follows a 17 year old girl called Ren, with the ability to dive into the depths … Read More

Death Alley – Game Jam Build

The grim reaper has gone down a strange path, doing some pretty weird things in exchange for souls. Maybe it’s medicine keeping people alive too long, maybe he’s bored, but in Death Alley the grim reaper will allow you to risk your life just to get a chance at a wish being fulfilled.

Most of the wishes he seems used to getting are for dead … Read More

Arena – Alpha Download

Arena is a very stylish magic-based hand painted first person shooter where you fight for your life in a gladiatorial arena against waves enemies after being busted for using magic.

Arena takes place in a beautiful hand painted fantasy land called Kazu where the use of magic has been outlawed. After being caught using your magical abilities by the city guards you have been sentence … Read More

The White Diner – Game Jam Build

The White Diner is a short and surreal first person experience where you stop at a diner for some pancakes, but god knows what they’re laced with!

There’s a surreal Twin Peaks-esque vibe to the odd little diner you stop at for a bit to eat in The White Diner. Your server isn’t very talkative but he sure can fix up some pancakes. … Read More

Something Strange About Uncle Howard – Game Jam Build

Something Strange About Uncle Howard is a dark and surprisingly powerful point and click horror game about your monstrous “uncle” feeds off your family’s unresolved issues.

Your strange uncle Howard has come for dinner and now sits menacingly at the end of the table. You now need to look around your home and select objects that will give you something to talk about during dinner. … Read More