Everyday Misanthrope – Game Jam Build Download

Everyday Misanthrope

Everyday Misanthrope is a wonderfully wicked choose-your-own-misery simulation in which you aim to spread as much misery and ruin as many lives in a day as possible!

Taking the form of a choose your own adventure, you are given a choice of misery inducing actions throughout the day and then you watch with glee as they play out.  You must be strategic with your actions … Read More

Big Bad Wolf – Game Jam Build Download

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf is a fun physics based puzzler that sees you playing the Big Bad Wolf, blowing the little pigs houses down and stealing their treasure.

In essence it’s like an isometric version of Angry Birds, but you just want to steal the pigs money, not kill them.  You must simply click on strategic points in the structures to blow them up and … Read More

Biokurai – Game jam Build Download


Biokurai is a fun, fast paced combat game that sees you battling your way through increasingly tough kill rooms with just a sword and dual wielding guns to defend yourself.

Created for #gbjam, Biokurai offers retro Game Boy visuals infused with modern day combat, with you running gunning and slashing your way through hordes of enemies.  The combat is a similar to Devil May CryRead More

Late Last Nite – Game Jam Build Download

Late Last Nite

Late Last Nite, a point and click made for the adventure jam, takes you on a hilarious quest to find some missing items after a night out.

Morgan, a girl who enjoys a bit too much drinking, has lost all of her possessions. Missing a lighter, a wallet, and her cellphone, she is relying on you to figure out exactly where they have gone. … Read More

SnarfQuest Tales – Alpha Demo

SnarfsQuest Tales

SnarfQuest Tales is a is a great looking and well written 3D point and click adventure based on Larry Elmore’s Snarf who found fame in Dragon Magazine in the 80’s.

The making and breaking of any light hearted point and click adventure is humor, and thankfully SnarfQuest Tales looks set to have it in spades.  You know you’re on to a good thing when within … Read More