Hello Alice – Game Jam Build Download

Hello Alice

Hello Alice, a unique game made for the Alice Jam 150, has you choosing your own adventure like never before.

This choose your own adventure story has you falling down a dark rabbit hole. As you are falling, words fly past from the story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. You are able to crash into those words to make the story appear … Read More

The Last Time – Alpha Demo

the last time

The Last Time is an intriguing new pixel art point and click adventure in which your decisions have a huge effect on how the story plays out – from seemingly insignificant choices to tough moral dilemmas.

You play Jack Glover, a retired police officer who suffered an emotional trauma forty years ago, and now lives in a care home.  But one day an unexpected phone … Read More

Amirelia – Alpha Demo


Amirelia is a beautiful explorative puzzler with strong themes of friendship and co-operation, in which players control two characters that work together, exploring, solving puzzles and forming a bond between each other.

Played with two players locally (or one player, using a Brothers-style control scheme), you experiment and play with the environment in a variety of ways.  As you interact with each other and progress, … Read More

The Confrontation – Beta Download


The Confrontation is an interesting new card based digital board game that pits light versus shadow in tactical turn based combat with your opponents forces hidden and a large emphasis on the asymmetry of the forces.

Played in tactical 1 on 1 matches,  Shadow is pitted against Light with opposing objectives – Light must sneak their Prince to the Shadow Stronghold, while Shadow must defeat … Read More

.Age – Alpha Demo

Age game

.Age is a wonderful new blend of punishing roguelite and god sim in which you must help a small village survive and prosper through a variety of disasters and diseases.

Inspired by FTL and Agricola, it looks fairly simple, but with dangerous randomised events, permadeath and scarce resources to manage, .Age is deceptively tricky.  You play a village elder with clairvoyant powers, who must … Read More