Tyro – Alpha Demo


Tyro is a gorgeous spell based first person puzzle adventure in which you must concoct spells to change your mentor from a chicken back into his human form!

You play a magicians apprentice who’s mentor has been transformed into a chicken after an unfortunate accident.  To save your mentor from a lifetime of laying eggs, you must learn a variety of spells by combining the … Read More

Herald – Alpha Demo


Upcoming interactive drama Herald is a point-and-click adventure with a branching story that’s dictated by player choices. As Devan Rensburg, players are the steward of a merchant ship, the HLV Herald, in a 19th century world. The game hosts a variety of characters, well-off and less fortunate than others, that make for a divided lifestyle aboard the ship.

Choosing to play by the rules will … Read More

The Rock the Paper and the Scissors – Game Jam Build


The Rock the Paper and the Scissors is a western themed arcade rhythm action game in which you storm a train, taking on dangerous bandits in fast paced Rock, Paper, Scissors Battles.

As you proceed from carriage to carriage, you do battle with nefarious bandits in deadly Rock, Paper, Scissors battles.  The rules are simple – Rock beats scissors. Scissors beat paper. Paper beats rock.  … Read More

Dimension Drive – Alpha Demo


Dimension Drive is a fun shoot-em-up that allows you to fight in two battlefields at once, teleporting between screens at the push of a button.

You are play as Jackeline Tywood, captain of the Manticore, who must single-handedly stop the tyrannical Ashajul fleet from conquering your universe. In typical shoot-em-up fashion you do this by blasting hundreds of alien ships out the sky and taking … Read More

VIDYA FUTURA – GameJam Build Download

vidya futura

VIDYA FUTURA, an asymmetric co-op game made for the Gamemaking Frenzy II Jam, in which you play a female astronaut who can’t shoot and a male astronaut who can’t walk in an adventure that’s out of this world.

VIDYA FUTURA takes you to the crash of a spaceship, onto an alien planet. This two player game has players taking on two markedly different roles, … Read More