SMITE Blitz – Open Alpha (iOS & Android)

SMITE Blitz is a massively multiplayer tactical RPG adventure for iOS and Android, set in the SMITE universe, where you assemble a team of Gods and wage war against monsters, powerful bosses and other players from around the world.

Currently in development by HiRezStudios and Stoneskin Games, in SMITE Blitz you’ll be able to choose from over 60 unique gods from across a variety of … Read More

Anno 1800 – Open Beta

Anno 1800, the latest installment of Ubisoft’s popular city building RTS franchise is now in open Beta, with players able to download it now and start building their 19th century empires.

Ubisoft’s seventh installment in the Anno franchise takes place at the dawn of the industrial age in the 19th century. Anno 1800 returns to the city-building and ocean warfare real-time strategy gameplay of … Read More

notmycar – Open Beta

notmycar is a vehicle based battle royale game where players get behind the wheel of heavily armed customizable cars and battle to be the last one driving in a massive multiplayer battleground.

Playing like a blend of PUBG and Twisted Metal, notmycar allows you to select and customize a vehicle then glide into a large island battleground to fight to the death in matches … Read More