Fling to the Finish – Alpha Demo

Fling to the Finish is a wonderfully chaotic cooperative or competitive physics based platformer where players control two ball-like characters that are tied to each other with a stretchy elastic rope.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Pre-Alpha, Fling to the Finish is a physics based platformer where cooperation (with yourself or other players) is key. You can play it … Read More

Just Die Already – Alpha Demo

Just Die Already is a ridiculous physics-based sandbox game from the creators of Goat Simulator, where you unleash old people on a city filled with brutal ways to die.

In Just Die Already you take control of an old and angry pensioner who gets kicked out of their retirement home and has to survive in an incredibly dangerous sandbox city. Playable in single-player or online … Read More

Ponpu – Alpha Demo

Ponpu is a beautifully animated game that plays a lot like Bomberman, but with weird looking hand animated ducks and an entertaining single player mode.

In Ponpu you take on the mantle of a herald of the Duck-God, who sets out on an epic quest to save the world from destruction. Being a duck, you can lay eggs, but you won’t be having these eggs … Read More