Call of Combat – Alpha Demo

call of combat

Call of Combat is an online multiplayer real-time strategy game where quick teamwork coordination is key to victory.

It’s a modern take on two games, Chain of Command (1999) and the original Call of Combat (2002) – both great tactical games but showing their age, so the developers plan to recapture their great strategic gameplay and to get the fan base back together.

You control … Read More

LowcoBall – Beta Demo

lowcoball final

LowcoBall is a fun, simple and silly soccer game that pits you in hectic 5-a-side matches of pixelated chaos.

The control scheme in LowcoBall is a little odd – with you able to control pairs of players at the same time (and the goalkeeper on his own), switching between them at will as you would on a foosball table.  Your little pixelated players aren’t exactly … Read More

The Ancients (GOATA) – Game Jam Build Download


The Ancients is a hybrid title that shows team-based combat in a different light, pitting players against each other in a race to get to the other side and wipe out the competition.

Speaking of competition, players are goats, vying for their god’s favor through combat. There are turrets set up on each side of the field, and an endless spawning of minions that conga … Read More