Beyond 35.000 – Prototype Download

beyond 3500 final

Beyond 35.000 is – take a deep breath – a hyperfuturistic intelligent omnidirectional precision racing game, where you have complete freedom in movement, flying at high speeds through narrow city trenches and complex floating structures.

At first glance Beyond 35.000 may look like your standard (though gorgeous) futuristic WipEout-style racer, but look closer and you’ll notice some truly innovative gameplay.  You’re not glued to … Read More

Legends of Pixelia – Alpha Demo

legends of pixelia

Legends of Pixelia is an excellent pixel art action RPG with gameplay reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac, but with more tactical combat, persistent upgrades and local multiplayer.

Players choose their character then enter procedurally generated dungeons populated by challenging enemies with fully stocked health bars – there are no one-hit-kills in this game.  You have one melee attack, two special attacks and a … Read More

Greedy Guns – Beta Download

greedy guns

Greedy Guns is an awesome new metroidvania with fast paced run and gun combat inspired by classic arcade shooters such as Meta Slug, Contra and Gunstar Heroes.

Featuring a tongue-in-cheek storyline that involves you (and a friend) playing as HOLOCORP mercenaries sent to pre-emptively attack alien worlds and relieve them of their resources.  You embark on a bullet filled adventure, eviscerating the alien foe that … Read More

Spellweaver – Beta Key Giveaway

Spellweaver is an impressive new trading card game (TCG) we fist covered last month, full of rich fantasy lore, that combines the deep strategic tactics of Magic: The Gathering with the ease of access of Hearthstone.

Currently in Closed Beta, Spellweaver features a large selection of cards from six different factions, pandering to different play-styles.  Battles are fast and fun, with customisable hero skills … Read More

Bad Ass Babes – Alpha Demo

bad ass babes game

Bad Ass Babes is a B-movie inspired old school side scrolling beat-em up featuring scantily clad digitised strippers fighting against shuffling, drooling brain-dead men to fend of an alien invasion.

Based on the Beats of Rage engine, Bad Ass Babes uses the same digitising techniques that were used in the original Mortal Kombat games to capture the likenesses of the ass-kicking exotic dancers and import … Read More