Rhythm Hunter – Prototype Download

Rhythm Hunter features an innovative blend of rhythm action and on-rails shooter gameplay as you shoot monsters in time with the music to do maximum damage.

In you swoop around a city in a helicopter, armed with a big gun you can aim with the mouse, a little like the Sega arcade classic Gunblade. However, instead of taking out a small army of bad … Read More

The Pokisfiori Museum Installation – Game Jam Build

The Pokisfiori Museum Installation is a stylish little audio/visual virtual art gallery that gives song tracks their own individual installations located within a negative-space chasm that holds them all together.

In The Pokisfiori Museum Installation you can freely roam between a selection of abstract art installations that combine stylish visuals and atmospheric audio. It’s built as a companion piece to Pokisfiori, a chilled out … Read More

ROADKILL – Game Jam Build

ROADKILL is a wonderfully weird LSD Dream Simulator inspired first person experience that explores combines death with funky visuals and dancing raccoons!

There’s little in the way of interaction or objectives in ROADKILL, with you instead just exploring two very different trippy environments. The first scene revolves around the death of a racoon by the side of a road and the second scene is … Read More