Reprise – Student Project Game

Reprise is an audio-reactive roguelike FPS that sees you blasting enemies with riffs and beats in a futuristic society that’s outlawed music.

In Reprise your aim is to make it through a procedurally generated facility that’s filled with enemies which you kill with your Orchestrator – a futuristic weapon that fires guitar riffs, bass notes, drum hits and Tom beats. Your weapon isn’t rhythm-action based … Read More

Aye Fair Lady – Game Jam Build

Aye Fair Lady is a hilarious musical point and click adventure that sees you attempting to win a singing competition so that you can put an end to the tyranny of National Singing Day.

In Aye Fair Lady you take control of Steggy, who you may remember from her previous hilarious outing in Holy Mollusomony, as she attempts to put an end to National … Read More

Witchbeat – Game Jam Build

Witchbeat, a wonderful rhythm-action dungeon crawler made for the Ludum Dare 41, has you using your rhythm to save your fairy friends from within a cluttered storeroom/dungeon.

In Witchbeat you take control of a witch whose storeroom has been plunged into chaos. Your fairy store masters usually take care of the dungeon, however, something has happened to them. With no one else around to … Read More

Tempo Quest – Game Jam Build

Tempo Quest is a charming and cheerful rhythm-action RPG that sees you controlling band members who slay monsters with their music!

Playable with 1 to 4 players, in Tempo Quest you select a band member then set out on a quest to gather four monster hearts and rid Tempo City of the strange monsters that have invaded it. There’s a variety of band members to … Read More

SEQUENCE STORM – Beta Download

SEQUENCE STORM is a super cool fusion of rhythm action and futuristic racing that sees you racing opponents along twisty tracks in your upgradeable anti-gravity racer.

SEQUENCE STORM is technically a racer, but it most resembles the hypnotic rhythm action gameplay of Thumper. In the game you race along a series of futuristic tracks, timing button presses to the on screen prompts and competing … Read More