Ultimate Cardio Training Session with God – Game Jam Build

Ultimate Cardio Training Session with God is a short and super strange little game where you help God (who is a hamster) repair clocks as he boogies to some excellent French dance music by Mr Oizo.

So it turns out that God is actually a hamster who wears a VR mask to escape the monotony of his job as he runs to keep the wheel … Read More

INITEN – Student Project Game

INITEN is a beautiful non-combative Journey-esque third person adventure where you collect sounds from the environment and use them to bring life back to a barren land.

In INITEN you control Abuchi, a being who can capture sounds and transform them into a life energy that nourishes the world around her. She has found a plant seedling that could help bring life back to … Read More

Rhythm Hunter – Prototype Download

Rhythm Hunter features an innovative blend of rhythm action and on-rails shooter gameplay as you shoot monsters in time with the music to do maximum damage.

In you swoop around a city in a helicopter, armed with a big gun you can aim with the mouse, a little like the Sega arcade classic Gunblade. However, instead of taking out a small army of bad … Read More

The Pokisfiori Museum Installation – Game Jam Build

The Pokisfiori Museum Installation is a stylish little audio/visual virtual art gallery that gives song tracks their own individual installations located within a negative-space chasm that holds them all together.

In The Pokisfiori Museum Installation you can freely roam between a selection of abstract art installations that combine stylish visuals and atmospheric audio. It’s built as a companion piece to Pokisfiori, a chilled out … Read More