Lofi Room – Game Jam Build

Lofi Room is a charming little rhythm action hidden object game in which you have to find and play seven musical instruments to create a lofi hip-hop beat.

Taking just a few minutes to play through, Lofi Room is a simple but fun little game that sees you searching for musical instruments in your room then playing them to build up a tune piece by … Read More

The Dance Floor Is Lava – Game Jam Build

The Dance Floor Is Lava is a fast paced rhythm-action game that sees you moving to the beat to avoid the moving pools of lava on the floor.

In The Dance Floor Is Lava your aim is to collect coins and guide your happy little dancing hero though maze-like dance floors that are covered in lava. There are three dance floors to make your way … Read More

Eternal September – Game Jam Build

Eternal September is an experimental social music creation game in which players actions are recorded and are played on a loop within the game world – so you can asynchronously jam with all the other players who have logged in before you!

The area in Eternal September consists of a large building with a few separate rooms to explore. On the walls are keyboards that … Read More

Chromesthesia – Game Jam Build

Chromesthesia is a beautiful, chilled out audio-visual experience that allows you to fly around randomized landscapes made out of thousands of independently moving colored poles.

There is no objective to Chromesthesia, no enemies and no puzzles to solve, you just soar around colorful moving landscapes, listening to chilled out sounds and taking in the beauty of it all. It’s a wonderful experience that’s little … Read More