Vecter – Prototype Download

Vecter is a super fast paced high score chasing synthwave racing game with a catchy electronic soundtrack, challenging gameplay and gorgeous vector styled wireframe visuals.

In Vecter you control a futuristic anti-gravity racer as it hurtles down a vast neon-filled highway. In the horizon a graphic equaliser bounces around to the super cool synthwave soundtrack, but you may not have much time to admire it … Read More

Multidisc – Game Jam Build

Multidisc is a simple, stylish and addictive little rhythm action arcade game where you attempt to block incoming projectiles with the correctly colored paddle.

Created for the Geta Game Jam 9, Multidisc is a fast paced little arcade game where you attempt to protect your core by blocking the differently colored incoming projectiles with the matching paddles. The gameplay is synced to the beats of … Read More

Beat Blast – Open Alpha

Beat Blast is an innovative roguelike twin-stick shooter where you can build up your own musical bullet patterns as you blast your way through its procedurally generated dungeons.

Music is your weapon in Beat Blast, as you build up catchy beats which fire out different attacks depending on where you place the notes. To create a melody you simply place notes in different positions … Read More

Songbird Symphony – Beta Demo

Songbird Symphony is a charming rhythm action puzzle platforming adventure where you talk and interact with the world through song.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer over a year ago when it was a short Alpha demo, Songbird Symphony is now gearing up for a release at the end of July. It’s a cheerful rhythm action platforming adventure where you control a cute little orphaned … Read More

Genesis Noir – Beta Demo

Genesis Noir is a stylish, strange and downright groovy musical puzzle adventure that sees you visiting black holes, asteroid fields and jazz cafes as you attempt to stop the Big Bang.

In Genesis Noir you step into the shoes of a godly entity who is attempting to stop the Big Bang – the birth of the universe and constantly expanding force of destruction that will … Read More