Hyper Light Music – Alpha Download

Hyper Light Music is a super cool rhythm action arcade game that follows the beat, melody or percussion of your favorite songs as you defend your core from incoming attacks.

In Hyper Light Music you load up your favorite songs (in mp3 form) and choose from a selection of different modes to play in. Currently only Defend mode is available, but more modes will be … Read More

Lofi Ping Pong – Alpha Demo

Lofi Ping Pong is a stylish rhythm action ping pong game where you hit the ball in time with lofi music tracks in laid back pixel art ping pong courts.

In Lofi Ping Pong you face off against opponents and attempt to beat them by rallying the ball for the length of the song that’s playing. There are 7 different songs to choose from, all … Read More

Ultimate Cardio Training Session with God – Game Jam Build

Ultimate Cardio Training Session with God is a short and super strange little game where you help God (who is a hamster) repair clocks as he boogies to some excellent French dance music by Mr Oizo.

So it turns out that God is actually a hamster who wears a VR mask to escape the monotony of his job as he runs to keep the wheel … Read More

INITEN – Student Project Game

INITEN is a beautiful non-combative Journey-esque third person adventure where you collect sounds from the environment and use them to bring life back to a barren land.

In INITEN you control Abuchi, a being who can capture sounds and transform them into a life energy that nourishes the world around her. She has found a plant seedling that could help bring life back to … Read More