Creature Chorus – Game Jam Build Download

Creature Chorus is a delightful little musical adventure where you explore an island and befriend creatures to jam with around a bonfire.

Created for the exprmt48 game jam, in Creature Chorus you find yourself at a little camp you’ve set up on an idyllic looking island. All that’s missing are some friends! As you explore the island you discover various different creatures, such as snakes, … Read More

Metal: Hellsinger – Beta Demo

Metal: Hellsinger is a demon-blasting rhythm FPS where you slay to the beat to amp up your damage and the music.

In Metal: Hellsinger you fight your way through the depths of Hell and you don’t just listen to the metal soundtrack, you sync your attacks up to it. Your aim is to dethrone the Red Judge who rules the Infernal Planes, and to do … Read More