Altitude Sickness – Game Jam Build

Altitude Sickness is a fun little ragdoll platformer where you can clamber over the frozen bodies of previous climbers as you attempt to reach an icy mountain peak.

In Altitude Sickness you control a floppy ragdoll mountain climber who has ventured out onto an icy mountain with little in the way of mountain climbing equipment. You do have one handy trick up your sleeve though … Read More

Rogues Like Beer – Game Jam Build

As it turns out, rogues really do like beer. In the puzzle platformer, Rogues Like Beer, you are going to need to sacrifice yourself (and a few of your friends) so that your band of rogues can get to the beer deep within a tavern basement.

The tavern you and your rogue friends tend to frequent is completely out of beer. Normally the owner … Read More

Colors of Your World – Game Jam Build

Colors of Your World is a charming little platforming adventure where you control a little cat who must sacrifice the colors it sees to earn new abilities.

In Colors of Your World you control a little black cat as it makes its way through a colorful pixel art game world. Initially the obstacles in your way are pretty simple, but as you progress things get … Read More

GIGABUSTER – Kickstarter Demo

GIGABUSTER is a very stylish and action packed old school action platforming adventure that draws inspiration from Mega Man Zero and Mega Man X as you run, jump, blast and slice your way through beautifully animated levels.

In GIGABUSTER you must break into the headquarters of nine powerful companies who are planning to merge and fund the ‘Happiness Project ’ – a project which is … Read More

Deleveled – Game Jam Build

Deleveled is an inventive physics based dual character puzzle platformer that perfectly demonstrates Newton’s Third Law of Motion – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In Deleveled you control two little cubic avatars simultaneously, with both of their movements mapped to the same keys (so when one moves right the other will move right, etc.). Neither of the little cubes can … Read More