The Sirena Expedition – Game Jam Build Download

The Sirena Expedition is a creepy cinematic horror platforming adventure where a diver investigates a mysterious man-made structure found at the bottom of the sea.

Created for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers game jam, The Sirena Expedition follows the story of a lone diver as she investigates a strange man-made structure that was found during a survey of the Sirena Deep. As she explores the … Read More

Goodboy Galaxy – Kickstarter Demo

Goodboy Galaxy is a delightful exploration action platforming game for Game Boy Advance (as well as PC and Switch), which follows a brave space adventuring doggie as he gets trapped in the depths of a strange alien planet.

In Goodboy Galaxy you’ll follow the adventure of a brave space exploring dog as they explore a strange planet, blast baddies, and meet new friends. After exploring … Read More

Torn Away – Alpha Demo

Torn Away is a beautiful and touching cinematic adventure that follows the story of a 10 year old girl who tries to make her way home across Germany and Poland during World War II.

In Torn Away you follow the adventure of Asya, a young girl who was torn away from her home by the Nazis to become an Ostarbeiter (essentially a slave worker). After … Read More