Visage – Student Game

Visage is a stylish dual control puzzle platformer where you control a character and a mystica mask as they fight a mysterious infection that’s causing people to lose their faces.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, Visage is a fun little single-player cooperative puzzle platformer where you control your character with the left analog stick and their mystical mask with the right … Read More

Aftermoor – Student Game

Aftermoor is a stylish and surreal third person action platforming adventure where you use your blade spinning abilities to roll, ride and fight your way through the strange limbo you’re trapped in.

In Aftermoor you find yourself dead and reincarnated into a strange mechanical body inside a dark and surreal limbo. The only way out is to defeat a mysterious person called the “Overseer”, but … Read More

Aurore – Student Game

Aurore is a stylish non-combative puzzle platforming adventure where you can alter the size of structures to allow you to make your way through make your way through a beautiful imaginary world.

Created by students at Cnam-Enjmin, Aurore is a short third person platforming adventure that takes place within the imagination of a young girl who is on a long train journey. The architecture of … Read More

Heidelberg 1693 – Alpha Demo

Heidelberg 1693 is a beautifully animated Castlevania-esque side-scrolling action adventure where a Musketeer fights his way through hordes of monsters and enemy soldiers to protect King Louis XIV from a power-hungry relative.

Taking place in 17th century Heidelberg, Germany, Heidelberg 1693 sees you taking control of a Musketeer who has been dispatched to kill the “Moonking” – an illegitimate relative of King Louis XIV … Read More