Eclipse The Cat – Alpha Demo

Eclipse The Cat is a delightful semi-linear 2D pixel art mascot action platformer where a cute little cat fights back against an invasion of alien body snatchers.

Drawing inspiration from classic 90’s mascot action platformers (especially Alex Kidd, Megaman, Shinobi, Dynamite Heady and Rocket Knight), Eclipse The Cat is a whimsical platforming adventure where an alley cat battles alien body snatchers. The aliens are … Read More

Blessed Burden – Alpha Demo

Blessed Burden is a first person horror platforming adventure where you are the sole surviving priest following a religious apocalypse.

In Blessed Burden most of humanity has been wiped out by an apocalyptic religious war. You are a priest who has learned of a powerful Book of Relics that could help to reincarnate the world. Betting the book won’t be easy though – you’ll have … Read More

Lucky Tower Ultimate – Alpha Demo

Lucky Tower Ultimate is a very funny roguelike action adventure where a narcissistic knight attempts to escape from a deadly tower.

The 2D action platforming gameplay in Lucky Tower Ultimate is a little like Rogue Legacy, but with lots more laughs and nudity. You take on the role of a rather hapless knight who is trapped at the top of a randomly generated tower. … Read More

Savant: Ascent REMIX – Beta Demo

Savant: Ascent REMIX is an intense elevator-riding twin-stick shooter with a minimalistic control scheme that allows you to focus on dodging and blasting.

A sequel to the well received 2013 original, Savant: Ascent REMIX is a twin-stick shooter where you ascend a massive tower and blast hordes of robots. You can aim and fire as in any twin-stick shooter, but the movement is pretty unique. … Read More