Infinite: Beyond The Mind – Beta Demo

Infinite: Beyond The Mind is a slick and wonderfully responsive 2D action platformer that draws inspiration from Shinobi and Strider as you travel the world, battling the forces of an evil queen.

Playable In single player or local multiplayer, Infinite: Beyond The Mind follows the story of Tanya and Olga, two young women who share a powerful bond. This bond is the source of their … Read More

In Loving Memory – Student Project Game

In Loving Memory is a surprisingly emotional narrative-driven platforming adventure that’s not what it at first seems, as you attempt to purge a darkness that’s invading your beautiful fantasy world.

Note: We try to avoid getting too specific in the article but it does contain some spoilers. In Loving Memory takes around 30 minutes to play through and if you don’t want anything spoiled then Read More

The Legend of Tobimaru – Kickstarter Demo

The Legend of Tobimaru is a challenging old school action platforming adventure that sees you learning ninjutsu skills and using them to fight your way past the most powerful warriors of three rival ninja clans.

Previously featured in Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago and now far more polished, The Legend of Tobimaru draws inspiration from classic titles such as Super Mario Bros, Mega ManRead More