Shoehorned – Game Jam Build Download

Shoehorned is a very challenging Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy style physics-based platformer where you use a long street lamp pole to help you escape from a huge pit you’ve fallen into.

A street lamp pole may not seem like a particularly useful piece of climbing equipment, but it actually really comes in handy in Shoehorned. You can swing it around, use it … Read More

The Legend of Ice Soul – Alpha Demo

The Legend of Ice Soul is a cleverly crafted puzzle platformer where you use your ability to create and melt ice-blocks to solve each single-screen level.

In each level of The Legend of Ice Soul your aim is to extinguish the fires that are burnign within them. Thankfully you have the ability to create ice, which can extinguish the fire, but you aren’t particularly mobile … Read More

Bottomless – Game Jam Build Download

Bottomless is a beautifully animated pixel art platformer where you use your rock-climbing skills to make short trips down a bottomless pit to retrieve parts of an ancient machine.

Created for the Godot Wild Jam, you start Bottomless at a base camp in Antarctica right next to a mysterious ancient machine and a bottomless pit. The missing parts for the machine are at various locations … Read More

Ato – Beta Download

Ato is a beautifully animated 2D action platforming metroidvania adventure set in Feudal Japan, where you solve environmental puzzles, discover secrets and duel with members of a clan who kidnapped your child.

In Ato you take control of an anthropomorphic samurai whose child has been kidnapped by an evil clan. You must now set out and explore the beautiful, tranquil world set in Feudal Japan, … Read More