Catoon – Game Jam Build Download

Catoon is a fun little first person cat simulator where a newly adopted kitten attempts to catch mice and spread their scent throughout their new home.

Created for 7dps 2021, Catoon is a short and silly little first person cat sim about a newly adopted kitten who’s been left alone in their new house. A cat’s prerogative is to claim things with their scent and … Read More

Naginata – Game Jam Build

Naginata is a fun NES styled action platformer metroidvania where a young warrior sets out to purge the land of an evil Samurai clan.

Created for the Metroidvania Month 14 game jam, Naginata is a retro 8-bit styled metroidvania adventure set in a mythological Feudal Japan. In the game you are a brave young warrior who is handed his aging father’s naginata (a long pole … Read More

Babble Royale – Open Beta

Babble Royale is a clever fusion of battle royale and Scrabble style word making, where players create words to earn points, travel away from the danger zone and eliminate other players.

In Babble Royale sixteen players parachute a starting letter into the game’s tile-based arena and attempt to be the last one standing. Each player has a selection of letters they can lay with rules … Read More