MindSeize – Pre-Alpha Demo

MindSeize is a 2D Sci-Fi action platforming metroidvania that sees you taking on the role of a private investigator who uses a robot body to chase dangerous criminal organisations across dangerous unexplored planets.

After the leader of a criminal organisation stole your daughters mind and left you crippled, you use your mind to control a hi-tech robotic body and set out to save your daughter … Read More

The Free Ones – Beta Demo

The Free Ones is a grappling focused first person platforming adventure that sees you using your arm-mounted grapple gun to propel you through a mysterious island.

As we mentioned during the Beta sign up, The Free Ones is a high flying first person platformer from Farsky Interactive (creators of Sky Break and Farsky), In the game you take on the role of Theo, … Read More

Skyward – Game Jam Build

Skyward is challenging Unreal Engine 4 powered physics based platformer in which you use a ball’s transforming abilities to help guide it through nine cleverly crafted levels.

Skyward is a ball rolling platformer akin to Super Monkey Ball or Marble Madness, but with one big difference – you have the ability to transform into different shapes with different abilities that can help you make … Read More

Stuffed – Student Project Game

Stuffed is an adorable little 3D platforming adventure in which you help a cute little stuffed teddy bear rescue his friends from an evil wizard puppet.

In Stuffed you take control of a teddy bear who must make his way through a dangerous toy world and defeat a puppet wizard who has kidnapped his two best friends – a stuffed lion and a stuffed eagle. … Read More