Feudal Alloy – Beta Demo Sign Up

Feudal Alloy is a fantastic looking new metroidvania action RPG in which you take a goldfish controlled robot on an epic adventure in a beautiful hand drawn medieval world.

Feudal Alloy is set within a wonderfully weird medieval world populated by fish controlled robots. You take control of one such robot who, after his village is ransacked by outlaws, grabs a sword and sets out … Read More

Icy As Hell – Game Jam Build Download

Icy As Hell is a super intense and very addictive first person single player arena shooter that puts you on very thin ice – and if you fall through it then the game gets harder!

In Icy As Hell your objective is to stay alive for as long as possible. This is easier said than done though as not only to you have to contend … Read More

The Lost Cave of the Ozarks – Kickstarter Demo

The Lost Cave of the Ozarks is a beautiful hand painted puzzle platforming adventure that sees you unearthing the dark secrets of a long forgotten cave.

The full game of The Lost Cave of the Ozarks will feature three interweaving narratives taking place between the 1880’s and the present day, with you controlling a different character in each. It promises a mixture of puzzle solving, … Read More

Crossing Souls – Beta Demo

Crossing Souls is a fabulous action adventure steeped in 80’s nostalgia that sees you taking a band of Goonies-style misfits on an epic sci-fi adventure, using each characters special skills to solve puzzles, kick ass and save the world!

The current demo build of Crossing Souls features around an hours worth of gameplay and introduces players to the Goonies-esque gang of friends and the … Read More