GLIDE – Prototype Download

GLIDE is a beautiful, chilled out little flying game where you glide through the air, earning boosts as you speed through canyons and man-made structures.

There’s little in the way of instruction or narrative in GLIDE, instead you figure out the game as you play. You can glide through the air and earn speed boost by passing through the various glowing rings that are … Read More

Balam and the Spirits Within – Alpha Demo

Balam and the Spirits Within is a challenging and beautifully drawn 2D metroidvania that draws inspiration from Myan mythology as you attempt to bring balance back to the world.

In Balam and the Spirits Within you take control of a little masked hero who fights their way through jungles, caves, a temple and otherworldly planes to challenge the gods and restore balance back to a … Read More

UNLIT – Student Game Download

UNLIT is a challenging and atmospheric open world Sci-Fi parkour platforming adventure where every move you make brings you closer to turning into stone.

Created by a group of students at CNAM-ENJMIN, UNLIT is a Sci-Fi parkour platformer set in a world whose sun has long burned out and is now enshrouded in darkness. Light is the vital energy that keeps the people of this … Read More