Barvest – Game Jam Build Download

Barvest is a charming third person platforming adventure where a little spider sets out to harvest lots of bugs.

Created for Ludum Dare 52, in Barvest you take control of a very hungry spider who’s in search of some food. You can jump, double-Jump and use your web-grapple to get around and when you encounter a tasty bug you shoot a web at it then … Read More

Doki Doki Ninjin – Gamę Jam Build

Doki Doki Ninjin is a wonderfully wholesome Super Mario Bros. 2 inspired platforming adventure that’s actually better than Mario’s outing in pretty much every way.

Created for Ludum Dare 52, the gameplay in Doki Doki Ninjin is pretty similar to Super Mario Bros. 2. It’s a platforming adventure with vibrant NES styled visuals, vertical wrap-around sections and the ability to pull plants out of … Read More

The Gap – Game Jam Build Download

The Gap is a stylish and spooky first person parkour platforming adventure where you attempt to reunite a group of friends in a dangerous place.

Created for the Secret Santa Jam, in The Gap you meet Jules – an anthropomorphic rabbit creature whose friends are all lost in different areas of “The Gap”. You now need to find them, save them and bring them back, … Read More

Bread & Fred – Beta Demo

Bread & Fred is a delightful physics-based co-op platformer where two little penguins that are attached by a small length of rope attempt to scale a mountain.

In Bread & Fred you take control of two rock climbing penguins who are attempting to scale a mountain. Each player takes control of a Bread or Fred and they swing each other through the game world. They … Read More