Prison City – Prototype Download

Prison City is an old school side scrolling arcade action game where you attempt to infiltrate the prison city of Detroit and stop an evil Techno-Terrorist plot.

Drawing inspiration from retro classics like Contra, Mega Man and Metal Gear (as well as a plot ripped straight out of Escape From New York), Prison City sees you taking control of a Snake-esque badass and … Read More

Unsewn – Game Jam Build Download

Unsewn is a fun little third person platformer where you attempt to find the Die of Fate to fix Limbo.

Created for the Houdini Jam 2022, in Unsewn you have just died. You weren’t quite good enough to get into Heaven and not bad enough to go to Hell, so it looks like you’ll be kicking about in Limbo for a while. Even worse, the … Read More

Astronite – Beta Demo

Astronite is a delightful 1-bit styled metroidvania adventure where a brave adventurer returns to his home planet to rid it of the alien monsters that caused his people to evacuate it many years ago.

In Astronite you are an explorer who has set out on a mission to liberate his home planet from the alien monsters that invaded it. Before your people left the planet … Read More