Paint Rush – Game Jam Build Download

Paint Rush is a very fast paced and disorientating action platformer where the only way you can see the level is by covering it with the multicolored blood of your enemies.

In Paint Rush you take control of an agile ass-kicking warrior who must make his way through a large level filled with enemies, barriers and defenses. The only problem being that you can’t see … Read More

Lazr – Tech Demo

Lazr is a stylish pixel art action platformer where you fight and climb through a neon-filled cyberpunk world with some very satisfying cloth physics.

In Lazr you are a badass android that can shoot lasers from its eyes and dash through the air. The current build contains a single level and sees you attempting to climb up to a guarded “Humancorp” tower. You can complete … Read More

Keep Me Burning – Game Jam Build Download

Keep Me Burning is a beautifully animated puzzle platforming adventure where speed is key as you attempt to keep your oil lamp burning and the darkness away.

Created by Attu Games (creators of The Tutorial) for Ludum Dare 45, Keep Me Burning is a fast paced and beautifully animated platformer where light is not only needed to help you see, but also to keep … Read More

Momentum – Student Game Download

Momentum is a stylish Sci-Fi first person puzzle platforming adventure where you where you manipulate the time phases of different objects to make your way through a mysterious temple and stop the time continuum from falling apart.

Created by students at FutureGames, Momentum takes place in a future where humanity has figured out how to harvest time from different timelines. Unfortunately this has caused the … Read More

World Collector – Game Jam Build Download

World Collector is an inventive little puzzle platformer where you collect pieces of the game world and place them like a jigsaw to help you traverse the world.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, World Collector is a fantastic little puzzle platformer where each single-screen section of the game world is a tile that you can drag and drop to re-arrange the structure of the overall … Read More