Pyramid Raid – Alpha Download (Steam)

Pyramid Raid

Pyramid Raid is a build, share and play platformer recently released on Steam Early Access that puts you in control of a mummified merchant, placing traps in your pyramid and looting the crypts of other members of the undead.

Very little has changed in concept or appearance from when we first covered Pyramid Raid‘s closed alpha. Pyramid Raid has two primary modes of … Read More

Dark Flame – Pre-Alpha Download

Dark Flame

Dark Flame blends Castlevania inspired visuals and exploration with Dark Souls levels of punishing difficulty and tactical combat to create an epic 2D pixel art action RPG with deep gameplay and stunning pixel art animation.

You play a knight, sworn to protect the kingdom from evil, who notices a darkness spreading across the land causing its inhabitants to lose their minds.  You set forth on … Read More

REalM Walk of Soul: Book One – Beta Demo

Realm walk of soul

REalM Walk of Soul: Book One is a side-scrolling horror puzzle game that puts you in control of a young woman named Iris. After waking from a horrible dream, Iris finds that her nightmare never really ended and the twisted creatures that plagued her mind have entered her waking world. Under the guidance of a shadowy figure, Iris must find and master strange, new powers … Read More

Operation Clarion – Student Project Download

operation clarion

Operation Clarion is a very stylish and atmospheric space adventure in which you play a lone astronaut sent on a rescue mission to find three lost pilots on a strange foreign planet.

At its heart Operation Clarion is a short platforming adventure game, in which you explore the planet looking for the pilots and trying to find a way off the planet (as your ship … Read More

Funk Unplugged – Alpha Demo

Funk Unplugged

Funk Unplugged follows the platforming adventures of the adorable Ampy, an electronic amplifier brought to life by the power of space music magic.

The bright and cartoony design of Funk Unplugged’s characters and environment immediately brings to mind Rare’s N64 era games like Banjo-Kazooie or Insomniac Games’ Playstation title Spyro the Dragon. Much like in the 3D platforming adventure games that came before it, … Read More