The Last Level – Game Jam Build

The Last Level Game Download

The Last Level, a rage inducing hardcore Super Meat Boy-esque platformer made for the GM48, has you attempting to get to the top of the tower filled with spikes, enemies, and many challenges.

This is not a normal, easy to scale tower.  This is a tower you’d expect to find right at the end of a Super Meat Boy-style hardcore precision platformer. … Read More

The Adventure Pals – Alpha Demo

The Adventure Pals

The Adventure Pals is a beautifully animated 2D action platformer inspired by Adventure Time, Banjo Kazooie, Zelda 2 and Castle Crashers, in which you control a young boy and his pet giraffe as they go on an action packed adventure to stop your mama and papa from being turned into hot dogs by the evil Mr B.

As soon as you load up … Read More

Construct – Alpha Demo


Construct is a beautiful looking first person platformer with puzzle elements, in which you attempt to escape after becoming trapped inside a computer system.

In Construct you explore the game’s beautiful cyber world, discover ‘ability orbs’ and unlock new abilities as you hunt down the sixteen ‘system core power orbs’ required to escape.  It’s primarily a platformer, but there are some puzzle elements too as … Read More

Adventures of Stickman – Alpha Download

Adventures of stickman game

Adventures of Stickman is a fun puzzle platformer in which you can draw objects in the game world to assist your progress throughout the game.

In Adventures of Stickman you control a charming little stickman who must traverse hazards, avoid enemies and overcome obstacles on his way to the end of the levels. He’s not the most nimble of heroes and he doesn’t have any … Read More