Oma Lost – Student Project Download

Oma Lost

Oma Lost is a beautiful clockwork-based 2D Puzzle platformer in which you play an adorable little pillow who explores a world of giant cogs, winding up mechanisms in his quest to save his grandmother.

The puzzles in Oma Lost aren’t the most taxing, generally requiring you to wind up mechanisms and interact with giant clockwork gorillas, but the artwork, audio, animation and world design is … Read More

1985 – Game Jam Build


1985, a Super Mario Bros inspired metroidvania platformer made for the Low Rez Jam, has you taking Mario on a new (and slightly warped) adventure!

In 1985 you play Mario, as he embarks on an adventure through a somewhat familiar land. This world is open for your exploration, giving you little guidance as to where to go. You must just explore and see … Read More

Mika – Student Project Download


Mika, created by a handful of talent students at Digipen Institute, is a brilliantly made open world action adventure title that sees you in a strange land full of dangerous obstacles and deadly creatures.

In Mika you play as a wayward girl who has found herself alone on a sci-fi fantasy world full of beautiful scenery, deadly creatures and talking plants. As you explore … Read More

SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell – Beta Demo


SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is a hardcore, ultra-metal first-person platformer that challenges you to run a Super Meat Boy-style gauntlet, dodging whirring blades and bounding across wicked death pits. Survive all that pulse-pounding action and leap into the finish line portal to claim total, rockin’ glory.

The demo for SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell delivers just enough action to whet your appetite with ten introductory … Read More

Andromeda: There Is No God Up Here – Alpha Demo


Andromeda: There Is No God Up Here, being created by a development team of the same name, is a sleek, sci-fi pixel art metroidvania based shooter set on a strange planet in another galaxy.

In Andromeda: There Is No God Up Here (Or Simply Andromeda: T.I.N.G.U.H or Andromeda) you play as a bounty hunter by the name of Max Weaver, sent on a mission … Read More