Joseph – Alpha Download


Joseph is a super tough pixel art platformer with a super catchy theme tune and the unique ability to materialise blocks in the air on-the-fly with a click of the mouse.

You play Joseph – a boy who lives in a volcano with his family (although it seems his Mother is the volcano).  One day the volcano gets angry and starts to erupt, forcing Joseph … Read More

You Can Double JUMP – Alpha Download

you can double jump

You Can Double JUMP is a an addictive precision platformer inspired by Super Meat Boy and Yoshi’s Island in which you use your running, jumping and double jumping skills to traverse diverse levels filled with lots of hidden secrets.

Gameplay in You Can Double JUMP is very much focused on skill based precision platforming – you will die often but each new attempt will get … Read More

Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again – Alpha Demo

Princess Loot Pixel Again

Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again is a charming side scrolling dungeon crawling roguelike in which you must traverse loot-filled dungeons and ascend the Dark Tower to slay a bloodthirsty dragon.

You control a brave hero who is attempting to save the King after he has been King-napped by a mighty dragon.  Rescue him and you may just win the Princesses hand in marriage – but there are multiple endings … Read More

Indivisible – Prototype Download


Indivisible is a beautiful side scrolling 2D action adventure RPG from the developers of Skullgirls, with gorgeous artwork and gameplay inspired by classics like Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid.

In Indivisible players will explore a vibrant world, full of diverse environments filled with lore inspired by real world cultures and mythologies.  You play Anja, a tomboy who sets out for revenge after warlords … Read More

Internship Adventure – Game Jam Build Download

internship adventure

Internship Adventure, a short tongue-in-cheek platformer made for the Ludum Dare 33, lets you see what monsters really do behind the scenes in video games!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a monster? Well, now is your chance! You are an unpaid intern, the lowest class of all. Each day, you get dressed into your monster costume and wait for the … Read More