Eliosi’s Hunt – Alpha Demo (Steam)

Eliosis Hunt

Eliosi’s Hunt is a slick top down sci-fi shooter/action platformer in which you explore a vibrant alien world, filled with mutant creatures, deadly alien tribes and killer robots.

In Eliosi’s Hunt you control Eliosi, a novice bounty hunter who’s finding his first contract a little more challenging than expected. There are a wide variety of deadly enemies to contend with, as well as deadly hazards … Read More

Temple of Light – Prototype Download

temple of light

Temple of Light is a challenging Unreal Engine 4-powered first person puzzle adventure game in which you use beams of light and platforming skills to help you solve the mysteries of a lost civilization and escape an ancient pyramid.

The three puzzles available in the prototype are based around three elements, and will test your platforming ability as well as your grey matter. All the … Read More

S.A.D. Cat – Prototype Download


S.A.D. Cat, being created by raxterworks, is a quirky puzzle platformer that sees you manipulating a two-dimensional perspective in a three-dimensional world –  a little like Fez, but with full 360 degree camera control.

In S.A.D Cat you play as a cat that has Seasonal Affective Disorder and travels the world alone, climbing ever upwards between different biomes full of brilliant colour and … Read More

Splinter Zone – Prototype Download

Splinter Zone

Splinter Zone is a strange randomised Megaman-esque action platformer in which you attempt to escape eternal punishment.

As in Megaman you can run, jump and shoot and must battle a variety of deadly enemies. You fight your way through an endless selection of randomly selected (not randomly generated) levels that seem to created to punish you. You have no idea who you are or … Read More