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Hungry Hubert is a fast paced action platformer where you have to kill all the enemies by vomiting on them and eat the level so you won’t starve to death.   Vomiting on enemies makes your hunger bar increase, so you have to literally chew the scenery to satisfy your hunger.  The game features charming monochrome retro visuals, a nice sense of humour, tricky but precise … Read More



Sixside is a nice first person free-running platform game, similar to Mirrors Edge, but with Tron style visuals, and MUCH harder.

Players use a combination of wall jumps and platforming skills to traverse the levels as fast as they can while trying to not plummet to their death (which they will).  The difficulty is reminiscent of Super Meat Boy, and similarly to SMB, there’s a … Read More


Bokida is one of the most experimental, playful and satisfying sandbox games you’ll ever play.  It offers a vast, beautifully stark and peculiar environment for you to explore, littered with strange black monoliths, temples and stunning scenery.

The main hook for Bokida though, is the build and destroy mechanics, allowing you to build massive structures, then cut through them at any angle, slicing off chunks … Read More


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Spark Rising is a Build and Battle sandbox game, that crosses the voxel building sandbox gameplay of Minecraft with the massive battles of Star Wars Battlefront.

Build fantastical floating islands, fortresses, and creatures and then use them in battle.  Win battles and conquer battles throughout the galaxy, eventually using a 4X strategy mode to fight for territory against other players.

The game has already had … Read More