Albert and Otto – Alpha Demo

albert and otto

Albert and Otto is a beautiful cinematic platformer, packed with inventive physics based puzzles, that follows a boy and his magic red bunny who appears to be on a quest to save his love, but turns out to be something a whole lot darker.

Being a silhouetted puzzle platformer that sees you controlling a young boy in a treacherous world, comparisons to Limbo are easily … Read More

Cloudbase Prime – Alpha Download

Cloudbase prime game final

Cloudbase Prime is a game that just gets more and more amazing each time we play it.  It’s a fabulous first person shooter/platformer that we first covered last year, with huge enemies, a wicked sense of humor, a fantastic low poly visual style, and the ability to manipulate the environment to propel you (or enemies) high into the air.

To coincide with the start … Read More

Assassin – GameJam Build Download


Assassin, a gm(48) jam game, is a tough action platformer that puts you in the position of an assassin who is to kill leader of China: Kong Suku, in order to start a massive war.

This is not as easy as it seems, as there are many, many traps and guards keeping this leader safe. You must travel from floor to floor, killing off … Read More

Pavel Quest – Beta Download

pavel quest game

Pavel Quest is a fast paced and well designed single button puzzle platformer that see’s you using precision timing to survive and escape a labyrinthine Castlevania-style castle.

The premise of Pavel Quest is fairly simple – your character is constantly running, you simply have to press a button to make him jump.  Ever since Canabalt, there has been no shortage of games where … Read More

Luckslinger – Alpha Demo


Luckslinger is a wonderful hip-hop infused spaghetti western action platformer with a great sense of humor, and an interesting game mechanic where luck has a huge effect on the world around you.

At it’s core Luckslinger is an action platformer – one of the freshest, wittiest and strangest you’re likely to play.  The luck mechanic plays a pivotal role in the game – if your … Read More