Stars in the Trash – Beta Demo

Stars in the Trash is a hand-animated narrative-driven platforming adventure where a spoiled house cat escapes from his house and has a life-changing adventure.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of years ago, Stars in the Trash is a charming feline platforming adventure that draws inspiration from classic Disney movies. In the game you are Moka, a house cat who yearns for adventure. … Read More

SCHiM – Beta Demo

SCHiM is a very creative puzzle platforming adventure where you can only move through the shadows cast by other objects in the world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, in the world of SCHiM every object has their own soul/spirit that is called a shim. You are one of these shims and you’ve become detached from your thing … Read More

Sacre Bleu – Beta Demo

Sacre Bleu is a beautifully animated 2D action platformer where the captain of the Musketeers fights his way out of prison and battles zombified aristocrats.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2020, Sacre Bleu is an action platformer with a focus on blunderbus-jumping (rocket-jumping) and bullet-time. It seems that the French aristocracy has morphed into bile-spewing zombies, so you need to make … Read More

HardAF – Beta Demo

HardAF is a precision speedrunning splatformer where you see the game world by splattering it with the blood of your previous attempts.

Playing HardAF is like playing Super Meat Boy with the lights off. The levels are essentially just blank screens when you first step into them, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing there – there’s plenty of deadly hazards waiting to turn you into … Read More