Crystal Call – Student Game Download

Crystal Call is a fast paced speedrunning first person parkour platformer where you run, dash, slide and shoot your way through fractured floating ruins.

Created by students at SMU Guildhall, Crystal Call is slick, stylish and challenging speedrunning-focused parkour platforming game. In each level you race your way through floating ruins, using your magical gauntlet as you dash, shoot, slide, jump and wall-jump your way … Read More

Out of the Window – Game Jam Build Download

Out of the Window is a fun little puzzle platformer where you reveal the game world and freeze time by moving the game window over your desktop.

Created for the Completion Jam, Out of the Window is a short and inventive little platformer that takes place on your desktop. Only a small part of the levels are revealed in the game window, but if you … Read More

Black Resin – Prototype Download

Black Resin is a stylish cinematic pixel art stealth action platformer where you control a shapeshifting inky black creature as it sneaks and kills its way through an exploited war-torn world.

The visual style and gameplay in Black Resin is fondly reminiscent of Amiga era classics like Flashback, Another World and (the original) Prince of Persia. In the game you take control of … Read More

You Did It Faster Before – Game Jam Build Download

You Did It Faster Before is a quirky physics-based speed-running parkour platformer where you use different unlockable abilities to run, jump, grapple pog and yeet your way through it’s expandable world.

Created for 7dfps 2020, You Did It Faster Before is a delightfully silly first person parkour action platformer set in a land in the clouds that expands as you beat each area. Your goal … Read More

The Last Shot – Beta Demo

The Last Shot is a quirky hand drawn dieselpunk puzzle platforming adventure where a pragmatic mechanical engineer sets out to save the people in his city and uncover a terrible conspiracy in his city.

In The Last Shot you take on the role of a mechanical engineer whose job is normally to manufacture shells that are blasted towards nearby cities. However, today you are woken … Read More