Evergate – Kickstarter Demo

Evergate is a beautiful 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you use beams of light to help you traverse its cleverly constructed levels.

In Evergate you take control of a childlike soul, named Ki, as she makes her way through the afterlife. You can run and jump as in most platformers, but your real party trick is your Soulflame – a beam of light that can … Read More

Super Furniture Man – Game Jam Build

Super Furniture Man is a short narrative driven physics based platforming adventure about a man who is trying to save his beloved possessions from in incoming flood.

Super Furniture Man is a short platforming adventure about a man who is so attached to his furniture that he actually called himself “Super Furniture Man”. In this game he’s not just emotionally attached to the furniture, but … Read More

Iron Meat – Alpha Download

Iron Meat is a Contra style 2D run n’ gun arcade shooter, with lots of power-ups, challenging gameplay and big bosses to blast.

The current build of Iron Meat features two full levels – one traditional side-scrolling one set in a forest and one vertically scrolling one where you attempt to climb a tower. It follows all the traditional Contra rules – fast paced run … Read More

Sonic The Hedgehog: Great Value – Game Jam Build

Sonic The Hedgehog: Great Value is a very silly fan made Sonic game where Sonic is every bit the musclebound mutant that’s been shown in the Sonic Movie promotional art.

Before we start, it’s worth noting that Sonic The Hedgehog: Great Value was created for RAGE (Really Amateur Games Expo), a yearly competition that’s all about making deliberately crappy Sonic games. Don’t expect Sonic The Read More