Pixel Soldier – Alpha Demo

Pixel Soldier is a stylish and fast paced boss battling shooter where you can dash across the stage and cling to the sides as you blast your way through enemies.

In Pixel Soldier the whole world revolves around your little gun-toting blob shaped soldier as you slide, dash and blast your way through an assortment of enemies and bosses. It’s a fast paced arcade shooter, … Read More

1 Slot Wonder – Game Jam Build

With bags of holding and massive inventories, it’s easy to horde items and bring them wherever you need them. In 1 Slot Wonder, however, there are four tools you might need, but only one can be held in your inventory at once.

You have four different inventory slots, but picking up any item forces the item you had been using to pop right out … Read More

Make It, Count! – Game Jam Build

Make It, Count! is a clever little clockwork puzzler where you rotate the level to try and get a vampire back to their coffin without getting fried in the sun.

Created for the summer UE4 Jam, Make It, Count! is an inventive little puzzle game where you try to guide a vampire back to their coffin whilst keeping them out of the sun. The sun … Read More

Satan Loves Cake – Game Jam Build

Satan Loves Cake is a charming little action platforming metroidvania where Satan attempts to reach the Cerberus Bakery after running out of delicious cake.

As you can guess from the title of the game, Satan really loves cake. However, he’s managed to devour all the cake in his house while watching “Great Hellish Bake Off” on TV and now needs some more. The … Read More

Skul – Beta Demo

Skul is a beautifully animated roguelite pixel art action platforming adventure where you play as a skeleton who can swap his skulls to change his skills as he fights back against the heroes and adventurers who are pillaging the kingdom.

In Skul you take on the role of a little skeleton called Skul, who has the ability to attach other skulls to his body, bestowing … Read More