FROG – Student Game

FROG is a fantastic physics based open world puzzle platformer where you control a little tree frog with a big sticky tongue who causes lots of carnage in a big physics based sandbox playground.

In FROG you control an adorable little frog who is tasked with earning gold trophies by completing various challenges in a huge cardboard playground. You have a list of challenges to … Read More

A Scholar’s Tale – Student Project Game

A Scholar’s Tale is a dark narrative-driven first person platforming adventure that tells three linked stories as a scholar reads a mysterious tome found within a mystical library.

A Scholar’s Tale starts in a magical library that floats beyond a veil of distant stars, untouched by anyone bar the scholar that protects it for hundreds of years. However, one fateful day he enters the central … Read More

9 Circles – Game Jam Build

9 Circles is a stylish and super tough two button precision platformer where you shift colors and alternate gravity to allow you to pick up nine circles in each rotating level.

In 9 Circles you control your little stickman character with just two buttons – one to flip the gravity and one to change your stickman’s color. The effects of flipping the gravity are self … Read More

Vital – Alpha Demo

Vital is a stylish physics based first person puzzle platforming adventure where you use the ability to shrink, expand, push and blow up objects as you make your way through a floating dream world.

In Vital you find yourself stuck in a beautiful low poly dream world where you can use four different types of orb to solve physics based puzzles and allow you to … Read More

Dim: A Light In The Dark – Student Project Game

Dim: A Light In The Dark is a dark and atmospheric Inside-esque 2.5D puzzle platforming adventure where you use burning energy sources to help you traverse a giant mechanical factory.

Created by a group of students from the University of Applied Sciences Europe, Dim: A Light In The Dark sees you taking control of a mysterious robotic being as they make their way into … Read More