Flat Kingdom – Beta Demo

Flat Kingdom

Flat Kingdom is a well crafted 2.5D puzzle platformer where you have the ability to change into 3 different shapes: triangle, circle and square – each with their own useful attributes and weaknesses.

You play as Flat, a brave adventurer sent by the king of Flat Kingdom to rescue the princess and stop the kingdom from turning into a 3D world.  The once flat … Read More

Momentum – Alpha Demo

Momentum is a highly challenging physics based ball-rolling platformer where you tilt the levels to guide your ball through increasingly tricky levels across beautiful and tranquil environments.

Gameplay will be fairly familiar to anyone who’s played any of the Super Monkey Ball series, but where SMB has an anarchic atmosphere that escalates tension and frustration, Momentum‘s audio & visuals guve off a wonderfully relaxed … Read More

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries – Alpha Demo


Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries is a 2.5D and 3D cinematic fairytale action platformer where you play as a vengeful Riding Hood adventuring through a dark and twisted world full of warped versions of your favourite fairytale characters.

It’s a pleasantly dark twist on the Red Riding Hood story, full of deranged fairytale bosses (including Pinnochio, The Pied Piper and Creeping Beauty), fast … Read More

BOND – GameJam Build

BOND 2BOND is a charmingly simple looking but deceptively complex 2D puzzle platformer where you control two connected characters in two separate worlds simultaneously.

Your characters have the ability to disconnect and reconnect at will.  When connected, one character cannot fall if the other is standing on solid ground. You can also disconnect them and re-connect them in different positions to solve some rather fiendish level … Read More

Ghosts ‘n DJs – Alpha Demo

ghosts n DJs

What would you do if a celebrity started pretending to do your job, badly and got paid a fortune for it?  Well DJ and music producer Dr. Kucho has had this very problem, in the form of crap celebrity DJs who just turn up and press a button, and has decided to make a Ghosts ‘n Goblins-style retro arcade game out of it – … Read More