Loot River – Beta Demo

Loot River blends Tetris with dungeon crawling and a touch of Soulsian combat as you fight your way through labyrinthine dungeons that you can shift sections around like giant Tetris blocks!

Created by straka.studio and presented by the team behind SUPERHOT, Loot River is a dungeon crawling roguelike set in watery labyrinths filled with floating platforms that you can shift around. You can move … Read More

Boxville – Beta Demo

Boxville is a charming Machinarium-esque point and click puzzle adventure set in a city of boxes that’s populated by discarded old cans.

In Boxville you follow the adventure of an old blue soda can who lives a peaceful life in a land made of trash and cardboard boxes. However, one day your best friend is lost to a mysterious earthquake that disturbs your idyllic … Read More

Dino Breakout – Game Jam Build Download

Dino Breakout is an inventive physics-based puzzle game where you throw balls to topple wooden towers and destroy cages containing cute little dinosaurs.

Created for the 8 Bits to Infinity Palette Jam, Dino Breakout is an easily accessible mouse-controlled physics-based puzzle game where you have a limited amount of throws to free dinosaurs from their cages. The cages in question are balanced atop a variety … Read More

Trains of Thought – Beta Download

Trains of Thought is a non-euclidean first person puzzle game set within a mind-bending subway complex filled with impossible spaces.

In each level of Trains of Thought your aim is to get from one train to another one via a connecting subway station. However, the subway stations are a little different from what you’d get in the likes of the London Underground. For starters there … Read More

The Will of Arthur Flabbington – Game Jam Build Download

The Will of Arthur Flabbington is a very funny little pixel art point and click adventure where you visit a psychic to try and talk to your dead uncle about the location of his hidden treasure.

Created for the AdvXJam 2021, The Will of Arthur Flabbington is a comedic Lucasarts-esque retro point and click adventure where you’re trying to track down your dead uncles’ hidden … Read More