Monolith – Beta Demo

Monolith is a Sci-Fi point and click adventure where a space explorer tries to survive and make sense of a mysterious planet she crash lands on.

In Monolith you follow the adventure of Tessa Carter – a space explorer who works for an intergalactic mining operation. You wake up in your cryochamber after a catastrophic crash leaves you stranded and alone on a strange alien … Read More

Three Minutes To Eight – Beta Demo

Three Minutes To Eight is a mind-blowing pixel art point and click adventure where you’re trapped in a 24 minute loop that ends in your certain death.

In Three Minutes To Eight you wake up in your apartment with a foggy memory and a hankering for some food. You can order some food from a takeaway, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever get to eat it … Read More

TOBOR – Beta Demo

TOBOR is a voyeuristic Sci-Fi surveillance simulation adventure where you watch video feeds and gather evidence about a tragic mystery.

Drawing inspiration from Do Not Feed The Monkeys, TOBOR puts you in the role of a robot who has been tasked with observing the final seven days of a cast of eclectic characters. There are 16 camera feeds that play out in real time … Read More