Lofi Room – Game Jam Build

Lofi Room is a charming little rhythm action hidden object game in which you have to find and play seven musical instruments to create a lofi hip-hop beat.

Taking just a few minutes to play through, Lofi Room is a simple but fun little game that sees you searching for musical instruments in your room then playing them to build up a tune piece by … Read More

A Healthy Witch Breakfast – Game Jam Build

A Healthy Witch Breakfast is a delightfully gross little game in which you attempt to guide hordes of cockroaches into a blender to make a tasty breakfast smoothie for a witch!

Everybody should start the day with a healthy organic breakfast and witches are no different. It seems that this witch loves nothing more than a tasty 9000 ml smoothie made out of the freshest … Read More

In Loving Memory – Student Project Game

In Loving Memory is a surprisingly emotional narrative-driven platforming adventure that’s not what it at first seems, as you attempt to purge a darkness that’s invading your beautiful fantasy world.

Note: We try to avoid getting too specific in the article but it does contain some spoilers. In Loving Memory takes around 30 minutes to play through and if you don’t want anything spoiled then Read More

Tiny Kingdom Builder – Game Jam Build

Tiny Kingdom Builder is a charming and fast paced little Puyo-Puyo-esque match 3 puzzler that sees you building little kingdoms to earn points.

Tiny Kingdom Builder features a fun blend of Tetris and Puyo-Puyo style arcade puzzler gameplay with you trying to try to align matching tiles to create big kingdoms and earn big points. In the game you score points by placing tiles … Read More