Two Dimensions – Game Jam Build

Two Dimensions is a cleverly crafted little puzzle game where you switch perspectives between a 2D overhead view and a 2D side-on view as you attempt to traverse each level.

Visually Two Dimensions looks fairly simple, but the perspective-shifting puzzles are surprisingly complex. In each level your aim is to reach the green square and you can switch between a top-down view and a side-on … Read More

Life Dot Lock – Prototype Download

Life Dot Lock is a strange little narrative driven puzzle adventure where you mull over your feelings of contempt for a colleague of yours and hack your way through various security systems while out for a stroll.

In Life Dot Lock you take on the role of a talented tech guru called Guus who is supposed to be meeting with a client and his long … Read More

Vagabond – Alpha Download

Vagabond is a beautifully animated narrative-driven Sci-Fi adventure with RPG elements, that tells three interweaving stories set in a distant future where mankind has fled to the stars to rebuild and survive.

In Vagabond you’ll follow the stories of a convict trapped in a doomed orbital prison, a V-POL detective in pursuit of a masked killer and a young scientist who is looking to forge … Read More

Estação Liberdade (Liberty Station) – Game Jam Build

Estação Liberdade (Liberty Station) is a short and intense, near P.T. inspired horror game set on a near-photo-realistic underground train.

In Estação Liberdade you find yourself alone on a subway train on a line somewhere in America. As you walk through the train you notice that the same carriage keeps repeating itself, much like in P.T., and then things start to get … Read More

Edom – Alpha Demo

Edom is a surreal isometric puzzle adventure where you attempt to overcome your irrational fears as your mind plays tricks on you while exploring your old creepy house.

In Edom you take control of a young woman who wakes up alone in her large stately mansion. Your mind plays tricks on you and you’re plagued by irrational fears – such as being scared to go … Read More