Outlier – Student Project Game

Outlier is a dark and atmospheric first person Sci-Fi stealth puzzle adventure that sees you using cameras and terminals to hack your way through a hive-mind controlled machine world.

In Outlier you take control of a lone rebel robot who is attempting to escape from a a hive mind and its mechanical minions. This may not be easy though as there are robots patrolling the … Read More

Minimalist Art Club – Game Jam Build

Minimalist Art Club is a funny first person puzzle adventure that sees you visiting a strange art gallery, meeting quirky characters and uncovering some very cool easter eggs.

In Minimalist Art Club you decide to join an art club and when you get there you’re greeted by three rather pretentious art aficionados who promptly send you off in search of refreshments. The vending machine is … Read More

Exiles – Beta Download

Exiles is a creepy first person survival horror adventure that plays like the original Resident Evil games, but in first person.

In Exiles you find yourself in a strange facility that’s connected to a creepy mansion and is populated by undead monsters. To escape you’ll have to search for useful objects, solve puzzles and blast zombies.

The current Beta build of Exiles features around 20 … Read More

door – Game Jam Build

door is a dark and stylish adventure that sees you solving puzzles and attempting to escape from a Jigsaw-esque captor who is obsessed with genetic science.

In door you find yourself trapped in a room with no recollection of who you are or where you are. It soon becomes apparent that you’ve been trapped there by a Jigsaw-esque captor who has incorporated you into his … Read More

The Basement’s Calling – Game Jam Build

The Basement’s Calling is a creepy and cleverly crafted puzzle adventure game with fourth wall breaking elements, which sees you attempting to escape from a glitchy basement.

In The Basement’s Calling you find yourself trapped in a gloomy basement and must solve some puzzles to find a key to escape. As you play you’ll discover all is not what it seems though, things get glitchy … Read More