Ricochet – Game Jam Build

Ricochet is a stylish little game where you direct ricochets to take out an entire army of bad guys with just one bullet.

In Ricochet you have a single bullet to take out dozens of bad guys, eliminate your target and save a hostage. To make matters worse the target is deep within a large building, but thankfully your bullet doesn’t obey the normal rules … Read More “Ricochet – Game Jam Build”

Moncage – Alpha Demo

Moncage is an incredible perspective based puzzler where you attempt to align 3D scenes viewed on the side of a puzzle box so that they can interact with each other.

In Moncage you explore an abandoned factory on a mysterious island via the various sides of a cubic puzzle box. Each side of the puzzle box depicts a different scene from the island but you … Read More “Moncage – Alpha Demo”

The Klaxo Radio Hour – Beta Download

The Klaxo Radio Hour is a fantastic fully voice acted choose your own adventure game that plays out as you listen to a 1940s murder mystery broadcast on a cursed antique radio.

The branching narrative adventure of The Klaxo Radio Hour is entirely played out via the broadcasts that come from a cursed 1940s radio, with you listening as the murder mystery drama plays out … Read More “The Klaxo Radio Hour – Beta Download”

A Candle to the Unknown – Alpha Download

A Candle to the Unknown is a very sinister and atmospheric occult horror point and click adventure that tells an interweaving tale of monks at a 19th century abbey that’s beset by evil entities that drive them to madness.

The current build of A Candle to the Unknown is essentially a prologue to the full game, containing around 45 minutes worth of gameplay split across … Read More “A Candle to the Unknown – Alpha Download”

Forbidden Forgiveness – Pre-Alpha Demo

Forbidden Forgiveness is a psychological horror game that messes with your mind as you travel between multiple dimensions, solve puzzles, avoid freaky creatures and battle bosses.

The dark nightmarish world of Forbidden Forgiveness is a place where good people can do bad things and where bad people have done some truly terrible things. As you explore you flip between realities, all of which seem like … Read More “Forbidden Forgiveness – Pre-Alpha Demo”