Illuminate – Alpha Demo

Illuminate is an inventive 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you dual-control one character with the keyboard and one with the mouse as they make their way through a dangerous dark world.

In Illuminate you control one character with the keyboard much like in any traditional platformer, but you also control a little forest spirit using the mouse. The forest spirit flies around and follows your … Read More

Antarctica – Prototype Download

Antarctica is a very stylish pixel art horror thriller where you explore a Russian research base in the Antarctic after losing contact with it two weeks prior.

The set up of Antarctica will be fondly familiar to fans of John Carpenter’s The Thing. In the game you take on the role of an operative who has been sent in to investigate a Russian research … Read More

Bendy Worm – Game Jam Build Download

Bendy Worm is a challenging action platformer that takes place on the inside of giant worms that bend as you travel through them!

In Bendy Worm you are an operative who has been sent to dispatch massive worms that are capable of eating entire cities. To kill them you need to enter them through the rear, gather five crystals and travel all the way up … Read More

Loot River – Beta Demo

Loot River blends Tetris with dungeon crawling and a touch of Soulsian combat as you fight your way through labyrinthine dungeons that you can shift sections around like giant Tetris blocks!

Created by and presented by the team behind SUPERHOT, Loot River is a dungeon crawling roguelike set in watery labyrinths filled with floating platforms that you can shift around. You can move … Read More

Boxville – Beta Demo

Boxville is a charming Machinarium-esque point and click puzzle adventure set in a city of boxes that’s populated by discarded old cans.

In Boxville you follow the adventure of an old blue soda can who lives a peaceful life in a land made of trash and cardboard boxes. However, one day your best friend is lost to a mysterious earthquake that disturbs your idyllic … Read More