Artificial Resident – Prototype Download

Artificial Resident is a cleverly designed Sci-Fi first person puzzle platforming adventure where you transfer your consciousness between robotic bodies and solve challenging puzzles inside a massive test facility.

In Artificial Resident you are given the chance to host your consciousness in a robotic body which won’t perish like flesh and bone, but you must prove that you’re worthy by making your way through a … Read More

Down The Well – Pre-Alpha Demo

Down The Well is a dark third person fairytale adventure that draws inspiration from Scandinavian folklore as you unearth the mysteries of a magical forest inhabited by mythical beasts.

In Down The Well you take control of Tay, a young girl with a troll friend called Folog. You explore a mysterious wooded underworld and attempt to find meaning in it, discovering clues, solving puzzles, crafting … Read More

Vind – Prototype Download

Vind is a breathtakingly beautiful non-combative third person exploration adventure which sees you flying around a land of floating islands, assisting the inhabitants to help make their lives happy again.

In Vind you take control of a shapeshifter who can transform into a majestic bird and soar through the sky. You have been sent by your people to the ruins of a once great civilisation … Read More

Atherspirit – Game Jam Build

Atherspirit, a clever little platformer made for the Ludum Dare 43, has you killing yourself so that your soul can enter other bodies and use their unique skills.

You are a little ghost – one without a body or purpose in this world. That is, until you start possessing the bodies of other creatures. One creature, of course, doesn’t have all of the skill … Read More