Dead Man’s Day – Student Game

Dead Man’s Day is a fun little time-looping first person Wild West puzzler where you attempt to change the events of the day to stop yourself from dying in a shootout in a Wild West saloon.

In Dead Man’s Day you are a saloon owner who ends up being shot during a game of cards after drawing the Dead Man’s Hand in a game of … Read More

Theropods – Kickstarter Demo

Theropods is a fun little wordless point and click adventure where a cavewoman uses her brains to tackle puzzles where her fellow cavemen (unsuccessfully) use their brawn.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2015 when it was a game jam prototype, Theropods is a pixel art point and click adventure that follows a red haired cavewoman as she searches for help to … Read More

Rec – Game Jam Build

Rec is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you can take snapshots of the level and the return the objects in that level to where they were when the snapshot was taken.

Created for the Japanese Unity 1 Week Game Jam, Rec is a well crafted puzzle platformer where you can essentially rewind time by returning to points in time where snapshots are taken. … Read More

Shapeless – Student Game

Shapeless is a beautiful little puzzle adventure where you help a little paint creature restore well known works of art to their former glory after being defaced by a crazy painter.

In Shapeless you control a creature that’s entirely made out of paint (aside from its head which is made out of a palette) and you venture into the workshop of a crazed painter who … Read More