Hiro’s Escape – Alpha Demo

Hiro’s Escape is a charming Game Boy styled stealth action puzzle game where you attempt to sneak past guards to find your family in 1467 Feudal Japan.

In Hiro’s Escape you control the titular character as he attempts to sneak his way through a series of vertically scrolling levels that are patrolled by samurai and archers. Most of the time you’re unarmed so you need … Read More

Mirrorism – Game Jam Build Download

Mirrorism is a cleverly crafted puzzle platformer where you can slide a mirror across each level, allowing you to reflect structures and allow you to reach the exit.

Created for the Weekly Game Jam, in Mirrorism your goal is to reach the exit of 10 single screen levels. You can’t jump, but you can climb up single blocks like steps and each level has a … Read More

ASRA – Student Game Download

ASRA is a beautiful and elegant puzzle adventure where you use a virtual controller (at the side of the screen) made up of cylinders that you can rotate individually to move objects within a temple and create a path through it.

Created by students at ESA Saint-Luc Brussels, in ASRA you follow the adventure of a young woman as she makes her way to the … Read More

Lapso – Alpha Demo

Lapso is a beautiful, spooky and atmospheric first person Sci-Fi adventure set within an underground cave system that contains mysterious artefacts of alien origin.

In Lapso you find yourself on the trail of a missing woman in a mysterious rural area that has a history of hikers going missing and sightings of figures crowned in light. While searching a cave bright lights appear and you’re … Read More

Shattered Place – Alpha Demo

Shattered Place is a very creepy Silent Hill inspired PS1 styled survival horror adventure where a young college freshman descends into a waking nightmare.

In Shattered Place you take on the role of a college freshman who has moved into an apartment block near his university. However, your inner restlessness has manifested itself by plunging you into a waking nightmare where your apartment block is … Read More