ROBO-KEY – Game Jam Build

ROBO-KEY is a clever little puzzle platformer where your little robotic avatar can only perform 3 different types of actions per level and you have to decide which ones before you start.

In ROBO-KEY you control a charming little WALL-E-esque robot who is only capable of storing three types of move in it’s memory at once. This means that at the start of each … Read More

Total Party Kill – Game Jam Build

Total Party Kill is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you use the unique skills of your three heroes to murder each other then use their bodies to help reach the exit.

In Total Party Kill you start each level with three characters which you can switch between at the touch of a button. You have a knight who can knock people up into … Read More

Dark Places – Beta Download

Dark Places is an intense psychological horror adventure that blends survival horror, platforming, puzzles and run n’ gun gameplay as you slowly descend into madness.

In Dark Places you take on the role of a daemon hunter who explores a hellish labyrinthine world searching for answers and dealing with nightmarish creatures as he slips into madness. The visual style of the game is reminiscent of … Read More

OMNO – Kickstarter Demo

OMNO is a beautiful non-combative Journey-esque third person adventure where you explore, solve puzzles and discover the secrets of an ancient alien world.

In OMNO you control a mysterious being who is able to harness the energy they find in nature and use it to power ancient mechanisms. The world that you explore is fondly reminiscent of Journey, but with more of a … Read More