The Pilgrim – Student Game

The Pilgrim is a beautiful point and click puzzle adventure where you search for mystical symbols hidden in a mysterious Sci-Fi world.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, The Pilgrim is a gorgeous looking little puzzle adventure that sees you guiding a wonky eyed little humanoid through a mysterious game world that’s filled with strange symbols. To open up a path through … Read More

High Entropy – Alpha Download

High Entropy is a cleverly crafted first person puzzle adventure where you use stealth, hacking and brute force to make your way through a series of self contained high-security levels.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Prey, Dishonored and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, High Entropy is a first person action adventure that gives you a wide range of tools to complete your missions – … Read More

Bubumbu – Beta Demo

Bubumbu is a charming little hand drawn puzzler where you explore a beautifully drawn seaside landscape and attempt to return objects to the places they’re needed.

In Bubumbu you control a little jigsaw piece that contains a certain object that one of the characters (or objects) in a large, hand drawn scene needs. Your task is simply to explore the scene and press the spacebar … Read More

Vis À Vis – Game Jam Build

Vis À Vis is a creepy little horror puzzle adventure where you attempt to escape a mental asylum by entering into a strange mirror world.

Created for the Extra Credits Game Jam, Vis À Vis is a short first person horror adventure that allows you to step into a disparate world on the other side of the various mirrors hanging in the mental facility you’re … Read More

Point Line – Game Jam Build

Point Line is a stylish and super tough reflex testing single button arcade game where you attempt to dash between points in each level without being hit by any of the colored lines that dart around the screen.

The gameplay in Point Line is very simple but very hard to master. In each level your aim is to move from point-to-point along constellation-esque patterns. You … Read More