Dyer Expedition – Beta Demo

Dyer Expedition is a frostbitten cosmic horror adventure inspired by Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness, which sees you investigating an ill-fated scientific expedition in the Antarctic.

Taking place in 1931 in the Antarctic, Dyer Expedition is a cosmic horror adventure where you travel to the Antarctic to investigate the disappearance of a group of scientific researchers. It appears that they had been researching … Read More

Starcatcher – Game Jam Build Download

Starcatcher is an inventive little gravity-bending puzzle platforming adventure that’s controlled with just one button.

Created for the 1-Button Jam 2022, Starcatcher is a clever little puzzle platformer where you control your character by holding X to walk forward and releasing X to jump. Crucially, your little spaceman won’t fall off edges if he walks across them – he’ll stick to the other side and … Read More

SUB – Game jam Build Download

SUB is a submarine exploration game where you use LIDAR scans to visualsze and navigate mysterious uncharted waters.

Created for the GMI Community Jam 2022, in SUB you take control of a little submarine in a totally black void. You can visualize the world by carrying out LIDAR scans which allow you to map hundreds of tiny dots onto the environment at a time. As … Read More