GlitchSPANKR – Alpha Demo

GlitchSPANKR is a very odd game that plays like a single player version of Prop Hunt as you hunt down a virus that’s preventing you from playing an “adult” game.

In GlitchSPANKR you’re all geared up to play the latest instalment of your favourite game franchise – Big Booty Slapper 6. However, when you get to the title screen it appears to be glitching and … Read More

Brain Show: Party Quiz – Open Beta

Brain Show: Party Quiz is a multiplayer quiz party game inspired by the classic Playstation Buzz games.

The gameplay and presentation of Brain Show: Party Quiz very much harkens back to the Buzz games released on Playstation 3. It has a quiz TV show format, an enjoyably cheesy presenter and is playable with up to eight players online or locally. It also boasts over 5000 … Read More

Snaketris – Beta Demo

Snaketris is a fun little mash-up of Snake and Tetris, where you can move your snake to make it form different Tetris shapes before it lands.

In each level of Snaketris you have a limited amount of turns to make certain blocks disappear. You make lines of blocks disappear as you would in Tetris, but in this case you aren’t given prescribed block … Read More

Cosmogonic Overflow – Alpha Demo

Cosmogonic Overflow is a cleverly crafted cosmic horror metroidvania that’s played via a virtual book with pop-up pictures and interactable elements.

Playing a little like a blend of a Choose Your Own Adventure book and a metroidvania, Cosmogonic Overflow is a game that takes place entirely within a virtual book. You can read and flip pages as in a normal book, but to unlock more … Read More