Moncage – Prototype Download

Moncage is a very cleverly built perspective based puzzler where you attempt to align 3 dimensional scenes depicted on sides of a cube, so that they can interact with each other.

In Moncage you explore scenes that take place on a secluded island and an abandoned factory. Various scenes from the game’s world are depicted on a mysterious cubic device (the Moncage). Your only form … Read More

Billed To Order (it’s a bird pun) – Game Jam Build

Billed To Order (it’s a bird pun) is a charming and wonderfully silly little building puzzler where you attempt to remember which drawers your building equipment is in while building custom birdhouses for your backyard friends.

In Billed To Order you have a selection of building materials (logs, nails, decorations, etc) and some tools (a saw and a hammer), and must use each one in … Read More

Word Worm – Game Jam Build

Word Worm is an addictive little word game where you attempt to make words from the letters on screen to clear the way for a little worm to burrow its way down to the bottom of each level.

In Word Worm you are presented with a random selection of letters that slowly scroll upwards from the bottom. You remove tiles by forming words, which then … Read More

Evergate – Kickstarter Demo

Evergate is a beautiful 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you use beams of light to help you traverse its cleverly constructed levels.

In Evergate you take control of a childlike soul, named Ki, as she makes her way through the afterlife. You can run and jump as in most platformers, but your real party trick is your Soulflame – a beam of light that can … Read More