Fabric – Alpha Download


Fabric is a very impressive new first person puzzle game that allows you to bend space – squashing and extending sections of the level at will.

Your goal in each level is to reach the exit.  Once acquired, your bend gun allows you to connect any two red cubes that are on the same axis, squashing them together (and everything in-between them) and allowing you … Read More

The Absence of Is – Game Jam Build


Last year, Antholojam yielded an interesting and diverse turnout in game submissions. One such title, The Absence of Is, was developed by Ice Water Games. Previously, the developer released Eidolon that built enough of a foundation to keep this small studio going. The Absence of Is was adapted from the novel of the same name written by Jeffrey Klinicke, who is their in-house writer, … Read More

Yet Another Door – Game Jam Build Download

doors 1

Yet Another Door, a mysterious game made for the TAG Jam 19, will ask you to do what you are told.

You start off in a nearly empty room, with a note on a piece of paper telling you that if you do what you are told, then you will be rewarded.  You are also given a companion, in the form of a portable … Read More

APT – Alpha Demo


APT is a very tough physics-based first person first-person puzzle platformer that’ll test your reflexes, skill and patience as it sets you challenges of near-insurmountable odds.

Comparisons can be drawn to Portal, in that you’re a test subject in a sterile looking laboratory, but APT is much more of a conventional platformer than Portal.  There are puzzles, but they’re not too tricky to … Read More

Code 7 – Student Project Download


Text adventures are wonderful when done well, but their very nature makes them feel a little archaic at times.  Not so with Code 7, this is a true evolution of the text adventure, with intelligent use of the interface, excellent voice acting and a surprisingly dark storyline.

Originally created as a project by students at Cologne Game Lab, it combines the text based interface … Read More