Proto Raider – Beta Download

proto raider

Proto Raider is a wonderful retro platformer (a VERY retro platformer) with an ASCII visual style, where every level is a tricky one-screen mini-quest for you to conquer.

As your character constantly walks forward, you control him with just one button – the spacebar – allowing you to do surprisingly diverse amount of actions – including jumping, swimming, surfing, flying in tornadoes and fighting monsters.  … Read More

Essay Writer Extreme – Game Jam Build

essay writer extreme

Essay Writer Extreme is a fun type-what-you-see game with some charming pixel art animation and a super catchy themetune.

Created for the Unfinished Games Week 2015, gameplay in Essay Writer Extreme is simple – simply type the letters as they descend down the screen. Miss letters and you’ll lose a life, get enough right and the game will level-up, reward you with a new dancing … Read More

Magic Shot – Beta Sign Up (iOS)

magic shot

Magic Shot is a wonderful new billiards-style game coming to mobile devices that tasks you with hitting two balls with the white ball in one shot across a multitude of stylish, pulsating, morphing tables.

The control scheme is pretty self explanatory, simply aim and drag backwards using your finger as an imaginary pool cue.  When you’ve lined up your shot simply release and watch as … Read More

S.O.R.S – Game Jam Build Download


S.O.R.S, a game made for the Finish a Game Jam, is a unique sci-fi doctor simulator with an underlying story of subterfuge and conspiracy.

This Papers! Please inspired game puts you in the position of a new employee at a futuristic doctors office. In this society, the human population has become unbearable, forcing humans to live in huge skyscrapers. Criminals are sent off in … Read More

One By One – Game Jam Build Download

one by one

One by One is a unique turn-based hack-and-slash boss-fighting game, where you record your character movements separately, then watch them play out at once.

Created for the 2015 Global Game Jam, One by One takes place on one screen, with a boss in the centre.  Each round starts with the boss recording his attack pattern – you then have to plan and record your attacks … Read More