Ember Strike – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

ember strike steam

Ember Strike is an addictive blend of Pokemon and Bejeweled-style tile swapping in which players build a team of minions and do battle in fast paced duels packed with vibrant visuals and skill based minigames.

At it’s core Ember Strike is a Bejeweled-style tile swapping game in which players must match lines of symbols to rack up points. It isn’t necessary the player … Read More

Miss Turners Magical Pet Swap Shop – Game Jam Build

miss turners magical pet

Miss Turners Magical Pet Swap Shop is a great little game in which you reshape animals for their owners changing pugs into giraffes, mice into bears and all manner of other odd requests.

Reshaping the animals in is pretty easy once you get the hang of it – simply click on the desired body part and move the mouse to alter its shape, and select … Read More

Wood For The Trees – Game Jam Build Download

wood for the trees

Wood For The Trees is a very cleverly designed first person puzzle adventure game, in which you can dramatically alter the game worlds infinitely looping areas as you uncover an emotional tale of the loss of a loved one.

Wood for the Trees starts out in stylish, low resolution pathway in a forest. Due to the clever, infinitely looping game design, you can walk down … Read More

Windowframe – Game Jam Build Download

windowframe game

Windowframe is a very cleverly designed puzzle platformer where you manipulate the window of the actual game to aid your progress through the levels.

We’ve seen something similar to Windowframe before with Omni (which is a game we’d also highly recommend checking out), but Windowframe feels like a more polished experience and uses the game window manipulation mechanics quite differently. Your goal in Windowframe is … Read More

Paperchase – Game Jam Build Download


Paperchase is a well crafted pixel art puzzle platformer in which you play a paper character that can fold into a selection of useful forms, such as boats and paper planes.

Your goal in each deviously designed level is simple, just get to the exit, but there are plenty of obstacles and hazards that block your way. Being made of paper means that you’ll want … Read More