20 Days at Sea – GameJam Build Download

20 Days at Sea

20 Days at Sea tasks you with surviving a shipwreck by diving, gathering resources, crafting tools and even eating pieces of your dead partner.

You play Margret, who while out at sea with your partner (John), encounters a freak storm which destroys your ship.  You must then search and scavenge for supplies which yo can consume or use to craft items which will aid your … Read More

Certainty Condition – Student Project Download

certainty condition game

Certainty Condition is a very impressive time, space and physics-bending first person puzzle game where you explore a strange mansion, solving inventive puzzles that reward lateral thinking.

Developed by three students at the Vancouver Film School, Certainty Condition plays with perspectives and scaling of objects to create a game that not only challenges your grey matter, but also looks fantastic.  Allthough the laws of physics … Read More

quadrant – Beta Demo


quadrant (all lower-case) is a fast paced rhythm-action game where all you have to do is press the corresponding direction that the large box is located in before it moves.  Sound easy?  Rest assured, it most certainly is not!

Things start of reasonably easy with some basic boxes on a monochrome background, but as soon as you start to get the hang of it, quadrantRead More

Rockrocket – GameJam Build Download


Rockrocket is a wonderfully atmospheric one-screen platformer full of secrets to discover, in which you must explore, collect and activate mysterious objects in order to escape a cave.

Made for Ludum 31, all the action takes place on a single screen, with a deceptively large amount to do, packed with seret passageways and items to collect or interact with.  You must start by collecting all … Read More

Void & Meddler – GameJam Build Download

void and meddler game

Get lost in a dystopian world full of memory trade repression and hormone addiction. Sounds a little crazy because that’s exactly what it is. Void & Meddler is a scifi title built for #pointclickjam that creates a unique atmosphere combining photo backgrounds with pixel art assets, all bound together with a mellow, moody electronic soundtrack that brings back feelings instilled by old titles like Blade Read More