prog.1 – Beta Demo

prog 1

prog.1 is a 2D adventure puzzle platformer with a nice pixel art style and an intriguing story. You play as an anthropomorphic computer virus that infects and destroys everything it touches (including the platforms you stand on).

The platforming is extremely challenging at the moment, partly due to the way that blocks tend to degrade and disappear if you stand on them for too long, … Read More

Mars Underground – Alpha Demo

Mars Underground

Mars Underground is an intriguing narrative based, non-combative adventure in which you play a young boy who relives the same day over and over again, and every night the world comes to an end.

The charming pixel art visuals of Mars Underground may make it look like an old school RPG adventure, but in reality it’s more of a narrative based adventure, with no combat … Read More

Anubis And The Buried Bone – Alpha Demo

anubis and the burried bone

Anubis And The Buried Bone, a game being created by Harmarist and Kitaness, is an extremely difficult but super rewarding retro styled action platformer.

You play as Anubis in this retro inspired tale, in which you must recover the items that grant you insane power to become King once more. The problem with this is that the temples inhabitants, ranging from snakes to the … Read More

Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure – Beta Demo

Guiibous A Cthulhu Adventure

Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure is a beautifully drawn and well written comedic point and click adventure inspired by classic Lucasarts Adventures and the works of Hitchcock and HP Lovecraft.

The game centers around the fabled Necronomicon and how it affects the three protagonists that you control throughout the game – A P.I. called Don R Ketype, a Librarian called Buzz Kerwan and a talking cat … Read More

Untethered – Game Jam Build Download


Untethered a pipe puzzler made for the LibGDXJam, has you floating through space, collecting resources and trying to survive.

Your spaceship was flying towards a field of asteroids. You knew this would cause your ship to explode, so you decided to leave it, untethered to anything, as it crashed. Now you are trapped in a maze of asteroids, slowly losing all of your needed resources. … Read More