Detuned – Game Jam Build Download


Detuned, a game jam game created by Paul Lawitzki, Chrisoph Rasulis and Benjamin Ruldolph for Glitch Jam, is a stylish 3D platformer with light puzzle elements that sees you adjusting your tuning to materialise objects.

The game takes place in a strange, desolate land. No colour in sight, only hues of black and grey resonate from the lifeless architecture before you. The building itself … Read More

Cubyrinth – Game Jam Build Download

cubyrinth 2

Cubyrinth, a game jam game created by Kezhaar for Ludum Dare 34, is a 3D Puzzle Platformer where you must navigate your way from start to finish by manipulating a rubix cube-esque maze.

At first glance Cubyrinth looks simple enough. Start from point A and reach the end at point B. However as you stumble into a giant windmill things begin to become more … Read More

Slash Quest – Game Jam Build Download

Slash Quest

Slash Quest, a game jam game created by Big Green Pillow for Ludum Dare 34, is a fun 2D slasher with an incredibly cute art style and addictive gameplay in which your sword grows in size with every enemy you kill.

The game itself is quite simple, but very fun and addictive at the same time. You use your sword, that looks like its … Read More

Flippfly Prototype Showdown: Round 1

flippfly prototype showdown

The Prototype Showdown is an initiative by indie games developer Flippfly (creators of Race the Sun) to select their next game for development by popular vote. Round One of the Prototype Showdown is currently underway, pitting the low-poly TaxiCopter against the 2D game Dupi’s Wrong Turn.

TaxiCopter is a basic flight simulation game where you must guide a helicopter across an island city, … Read More

Forklift Man – Game Jam Build Download

forklift man

Forklift Man, a fun game created by Toco Games for the Ludum Dare 34, is a 3D Puzzle Platformer where you play as the most unlikely hero in the universe.

You take on the role Forklift Man, and must use your ability to navigate the puzzles in each room. You have the ability to stretch your arms and legs to impossible lengths to reach … Read More