Glorch’s Great Escape – Alpha Demo

Glorchs Great Escape

Glorch’s Great Escape is a unique puzzle platformer in which your character can’t jump and isn’t even particularly fond of walking, instead Glorch prefers to get around with the use of ‘Telenades’ – grenades that allow him to teleport.

Glorch can throw these Telenades in any direction, then teleport to wherever they land.  This simple premise and clever level design makes for some innovative and … Read More

WrestleQuest – Game Jam Build


WrestleQuest is a fun five minute point and click adventure in which you must help ‘Mad Meteor’ Mike to become the best wrestler in the world.

Mike isn’t a very good wrestler, but thanks to an admin error, he’s been invited to Wrestledeath XL 1986, so must learn how to become the greatest wrestler in the world, fast!  To do this, you must solve puzzles … Read More

Trubadurr – Student Project Download

trubadurr game

Trubadurr is a very impressive and highly polished puzzle action platformer in which your ammo is live (literally) – you fire little imps that cling to you.

Lasting around 15 minutes, you set out on your quest to find an ancient relic in a deadly tower, full of monsters and traps.  Luckily you’re equipped with a bow and have a near-endless supply of ammo, thanks … Read More

Fingerboy – Alpha Demo


Fingerboy is a charming hand drawn puzzle game that sees you trying to light up the walkways (or crawlways) of a house to allow a little boy to get to safety.

Each beautifully hand drawn room is a self contained puzzle that’s shrouded in darkness, in which you must activate, move or uncover light sources to create a path for little Noony (the young boy).  … Read More

Amperage – Student Project Download

amperage game

Amperage is a unique electronic circuit-based puzzle game that tests your timing and your problem solving as you try to guide an electrical current from the source to the motor.

You control a small electrical charge, and must guide it through complex circuitboards while using precision timing to jump across nodes.  You only have a limited amount of charge, and will lose some every time … Read More