Amirelia – Alpha Demo


Amirelia is a beautiful explorative puzzler with strong themes of friendship and co-operation, in which players control two characters that work together, exploring, solving puzzles and forming a bond between each other.

Played with two players locally (or one player, using a Brothers-style control scheme), you experiment and play with the environment in a variety of ways.  As you interact with each other and progress, … Read More

Sorcerobe – Alpha Demo


Sorcerobe is a wonderful pixel art puzzle adventure in which you play a wizard’s robe on a quest to save it’s owner.

You may only be a robe, but you’re pretty handy at solving puzzles and kicking ass.  Each short level is a self contained puzzle, in which you must use your powers and handy boxes to make your way to the exit.  You start … Read More

The Big Red Button – Game Jam Build Download

the big red button

The Big Red Button is a short and silly game in which you must answer riddles and persuade a smart ass self-aware bomb (called Bob) not to blow up!

After rather stupidly pressing an ominous big red button, it’s up to you to undo your actions and diffuse a bomb.  Unfortunately for you it’s not going to be as simple as cutting some wires or … Read More

Less Is More – Game Jam Build

Less Is More

Less is more is a fun low rez pixel art physics-based puzzler in which you must dispose of different coloured blocks, each with their own physical behaviour properties.

You start each level with the three different substances separated by barriers.  Your goal is to strategically remove a set amount of blocks from these separating barriers in order to get rid of as many coloured blocks … Read More

IMPACT – Prototype Download


IMPACT is a beautiful minimalistic first person shooter/puzzler in which you must search for strategic weak points in structures which continually self-repair.

It’s still very early in development so can be a little buggy and will require a fairly powerful PC to run on, but IMPACT is already a beautiful sight to behold.  The minimalistic, cubic architecture looks fantastic and the effects as you take … Read More