Derpy Conga – Tech Demo

Derpy Conga is a quirky physics based puzzle platformer where you get by despite a little help from your friends, as you form a big awkward conga line while attempting to gather up all your friends and escape the planet.

You start Derpy Conga alone with a giant asteroid headed for the little island you and your friends all live on. Thankfully you have a … Read More

Office Intruders – Game Jam Build

Sometimes, you just have to fire someone. In Office Intruders, you need to fire the intruder who should not currently be inside the office. How would you figure that out? Well by doing basic tasks and trying to see which of the people aren’t able to carry them out properly.

On one screen, you can see each office block of your employees. It’s your … Read More

Memories – Game Jam Build

Memories is a charming and touching little low rez puzzle adventure where you help your grandmother remember her lost memories.

Created for the Low Rez Jam 2019, Memories is a beautifully crafted little adventure about rediscovering memories. You take on the role of a young girl who must explore and solve puzzles to recover lost trinkets that help your grandmother recall some of her most … Read More

Westwood Shadows – Pre-Alpha Demo

Westwood Shadows is a beautifully rendered puzzle-focused narrative-driven first-person horror adventure where you unravel dark secrets after you’re called out to investigate a mysterious old mansion.

In Westwood Shadows you take on the role of Peter Bennet, a detective who lost his wife and child in a car crash a few years ago. After being sent out to investigate the disappearance of a couple in … Read More

The Tutorial – Game Jam Build

The Tutorial is a fun and infuriating rage-quit puzzle platformer that trolls you with bad advice and booby traps as you try to make your way through a short in-game tutorial.

In The Tutorial you control an adorable looking little pill shaped robot that must make its way through a short tutorial section at the start of a game. Unfortunately this tutorial is the total … Read More