Summit – Student Game

Summit is a third person puzzle platforming adventure where you use your ability to create elastic bonds between objects to help you climb the ruins of a mysterious old tower.

In Summit your character has the ability to shoot out little attachments which can link objects together with an elastic forcefield and draw them together. This is primarily used for moving large blue blocks around … Read More

Heaven Dust – Beta Demo

Heaven Dust is a Resident Evil inspired isometric survival horror adventure where you attempt to escape from a mysterious mansion filled with puzzles, zombies and deadly traps.

The gameplay and setting of Heaven Dust is very much inspired by the 90s Resident Evil games, but with a chibi/anime visual style and more of a focus on puzzles. In the game you wake up in a … Read More

Inanis – Student Game

Inanis is a beautiful little musical flying adventure adventure that takes you on a journey of creation as you create an entire world from particles of light.

Created by a group of six students from Full Sail University, Inanis is a wonderful little experimental experience where you create life from light. You start the game floating around in a dark space with just a few … Read More

Worldline – Kickstarter Demo

Worldline is an inventive 2D puzzle action platformer where you use your ability to manipulate time to fight back against dangerous entities that corrupt the fabric of reality.

In Worldline you take control of a young hero who has the ability to use six time-bending powers – pause, rewind, slow motion, fast-forward, record (and repeat) and reset. Pausing freezes everything on the screen (except you), … Read More

Two Dimensions – Game Jam Build

Two Dimensions is a cleverly crafted little puzzle game where you switch perspectives between a 2D overhead view and a 2D side-on view as you attempt to traverse each level.

Visually Two Dimensions looks fairly simple, but the perspective-shifting puzzles are surprisingly complex. In each level your aim is to reach the green square and you can switch between a top-down view and a side-on … Read More