Mousecraft is a nice little puzzle game that plays out like a mixture of Lemmings and Tetris.  A quirky game with a nice visual style, features a Crazy Cat Scientist and 3 Blind Mice!

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Octodad: Deadliest Catch is one of the strangest PS4 exclusives that has been announced.  Octodad is a third person adventure game about destruction, deception, and fatherhood. The player controls Octodad, a dapper octopus masquerading as a human, as he goes about a day of his life. His existence is a constant struggle, as he must master mundane tasks with his unwieldy boneless tentacles while simultaneously … Read More


An incredibly stylish game, set in the 30s, the sunset of the black and white era. The visual elements, the sound and especially the gameplay itself, will make the player feel like playing a  cartoon.  It’s  a hybrid between graphic adventure and action adventure with different environmental puzzles spread in the game’s 5 chapters.  It’s currently on Steam Greenlight.

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer

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