Big Foot in Smalltown – Game Jam Build

Big Foot in Smalltown is a fun little QWOP-like giant simulator where you stomp through countryside, towns, cities and lakes while attempting to do as little damage as possible.

In Big Foot in Smalltown you take control of Big Foot (not Bigfoot), using the mouse to lift and move your left and right legs as you stomp your way through five levels. Ideally you wouldn’t … Read More

The Four Eyed Creature – Game Jam Build

The Four Eyed Creature is a wonderfully disorientating FPS puzzle adventure in which you have four arms and four eyes each facing in a different direction, giving you 360° vision but no means of aiming or even turning your head!

In The Four Eyed Creature you control an alien who has crash-landed on an alien planet and needs to find a new ship. This means … Read More

Schwing – Prototype Download

Schwing is a wonderfully weird and nausea-inducingly wobbly little physics based adventure that sees you beating up friendly fart monsters and befriending a chilli-cooking dinosaur!

In Schwing you control a floaty blue man with a baseball bat and explore a strange low rez world. The camera constantly wobbles like a drunkard, and if you swing your bat then the camera moves with it too, really … Read More

BH Trials – Prototype Download

BH Trials is a tricky physics based “driving” game in which you attempt to navigate a digger through an obstacle course, using only your articulated arms to propel yourself, as your vehicle has no steering wheel, brakes or transmission!

Diggers are great because those great big articulated arms can dig and transport large quantities of earth. But it turns out those articulated arms are also … Read More