Sweaty Palms – Alpha Build

Sweaty Palms is a fun little physics based climbing game in which you drag and drop your climbers hands and feet to help him climb various challenging courses to practice for his acrobat show.

In Sweaty Palms you help The Magnificent Murdock, a washed up acrobat who needs to prepare for an upcoming show. He’s a little out of practice and his bunny slippers don’t … Read More

Tentagraba – Game Jam Build

Tentagraba is a quirky little QWOP-like that sees you using your tentacles to climb along the ceiling while avoiding being cooked by the lava below!

In Tentagraba you start the game as a two limbed octopus (a duopus) and must press the corresponding keys to grab onto sections of the roof and propel you towards the bowl at the end of the level. Reach the … Read More

Greetings – Game Jam Build

Greetings, a quirky QWOP-styled game made for the A Game By It’s Cover 2017, has you mastering secret handshakes to make friends with the guests at a rooftop party!

In Greetings you have arrived at the party your friend is hosting. It turns out everyone there has their own secret handshakes for you to mimic. These handshakes won’t be easy, but you will need … Read More

Criquette – Prototype Download

criquette game download

Criquette is a wonderful sporting sim that brings a super silly slice of rag doll mayhem to the gentlemen’s sport of cricket.

Created by the same warped gam dev geniuses that brought you Broforce and Genital Jousting, Criquette is a simple and silly one on one local multiplayer cricket game that’s full of rag doll hilarity. In the game each player is controlled with … Read More