Manny The Fly – Tech Demo

Manny The Fly is an absolutely pointless, but strangely enjoyable ragdoll fly dancing simulator that allows you to control a floppy little fly as he busts a move to some groovy beats.

It’s worth pointing out that in its current form Manny The Fly is more of an interactive playtoy than a game. There are no objectives, no guidelines and no scoring – just a … Read More

Bit Wobble – Game Jam Build Download

Bit Wobble is a super tough dual control platformer in which you attempt to guide two robots who are carrying tray full of data cubes around some very tricky obstacle courses.

Played with a control pad using a dual control scheme similar to Brothers, in Bit Wobble you control two little robots who are moving data. In each level all you have to take a … Read More

We Love You, Robo Dad – Game Jam Build Download

We Love you, Robo Dad, a short and sweet QWOP styled game made for the Global Game Jam 2018, has you taking control of a robotic arm who wants to be a dad!

That’s right, you want to become a dad – even though you are a robot with a single arm to control. This arm does have a fork on the end of … Read More

Sweaty Palms – Alpha Build

Sweaty Palms is a fun little physics based climbing game in which you drag and drop your climbers hands and feet to help him climb various challenging courses to practice for his acrobat show.

In Sweaty Palms you help The Magnificent Murdock, a washed up acrobat who needs to prepare for an upcoming show. He’s a little out of practice and his bunny slippers don’t … Read More

Tentagraba – Game Jam Build

Tentagraba is a quirky little QWOP-like that sees you using your tentacles to climb along the ceiling while avoiding being cooked by the lava below!

In Tentagraba you start the game as a two limbed octopus (a duopus) and must press the corresponding keys to grab onto sections of the roof and propel you towards the bowl at the end of the level. Reach the … Read More