Repear – Game Jam Build Download

Repear is a bizarre and oddly addictive little blend of construction and QWOP-like physics based mayhem, where you attach various mechanized objects to a pear and attempt to make it travel as far as possible.

In Repear your aim is to make a pear move as far as possible within 20 seconds. There are some things pears are good at (such as being squishy and … Read More

Heavenly Bodies – Alpha Demo

Heavenly Bodies is a tricky zero gravity QWOP-like where you use your hands and arms to help your 1970’s cosmonaut complete scenarios in space.

Currently in development by 2pt Interactive, Heavenly Bodies tasks you with completing various objectives while struggling to propel yourself around weightless environments in space. With no gravity to allow your feet to get any traction you need to use your hands … Read More

Walaber’s Pro Gymnast – Alpha Download

Walaber’s Pro Gymnast is a great new QWOP-like gymnastics game where you use your momentum to pull to pull off some remarkable feats of aerial agility across its increasingly challenging levels.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha Sign Up, Walaber’s Pro Gymnast is a physics based gymnastics game that gives you complete control of your gymnast’s body – for better … Read More