Legs – Game Jam Build Download

Legs is a fun and surprisingly tricky little QWOP-like 2D platformer where you control a set of legs as they take a stroll along the beach, avoiding crabs and sea urchins, as you make your way to the sea.

In Legs you control a set of disembodied legs that want to go for a swim in the sea. However, your movement is a little wonky … Read More

DUNKEGG – Game Jam Build Download

DUNKEGG is a very funny and brutally tough little QWOP-loke game where you control two soldiers as they try to transport the badly injured “Greg the Egg” through a warzone full of eggsplosions and wonderfully bad puns!

Created for Ludum Dare 46, in DUNKEGG you simultaneously control two little soldier eggs at either side of a stretcher carrying a badly injured egg (called Greg). The … Read More

Shoehorned – Game Jam Build Download

Shoehorned is a very challenging Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy style physics-based platformer where you use a long street lamp pole to help you escape from a huge pit you’ve fallen into.

A street lamp pole may not seem like a particularly useful piece of climbing equipment, but it actually really comes in handy in Shoehorned. You can swing it around, use it … Read More

Repear – Game Jam Build Download

Repear is a bizarre and oddly addictive little blend of construction and QWOP-like physics based mayhem, where you attach various mechanized objects to a pear and attempt to make it travel as far as possible.

In Repear your aim is to make a pear move as far as possible within 20 seconds. There are some things pears are good at (such as being squishy and … Read More